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Friday, November 22, 2013

If you've been reading my blog here for any time, you'll find that I'm still in college (but am so excited to graduate in May!) Even so, I've had to deal with many student problems in the past - all-nighters, bad roommates, incompetent professors, group projects gone awry - and choosing how I'm going to get those hefty textbooks.

Books are quite expensive! I have had the blessing of getting a few years of the GI Bill while at Texas A&M - therefore, the leftover funds from tuition went into my account (as per my mom) and were used for textbooks. The funds were there - I was one of the lucky ones that didn't have to worry as much about how costly the books were. If they went over the GI funds for books, then the rest just came out of my savings account - which never really hurt me that bad...Even though it still hurt. Books are expensive.

Now, with Liberty, I don't get leftover funds from tuition money (out of pocket - yay?) for books, but I do get a book voucher for my books. Liberty honors their military affiliated students by giving them basically free books - depending on the amount of classes you take, that is. The voucher caps at $400 per semester and depends on the amount of classes you are enrolled in. Full time students get the full amount for books, and so forth. Even with this help, there was one semester that my books cost double the voucher, so I still paid a bunch out of pocket form the school bookstore - but hey, they were all new! It was the easiest way to do it, without having to try to sell them on Ebay or send them back in the mail to the bookstore for a less than much refund.

All of that aside, I can see how crazy one would go if they wouldn't get help paying for books during the year - No wonder so many people rent! So here is a shout out to those who are brave enough to fund college and all it encompasses on their own - I applaud you!!

The place to go for renting textbooks would be (And honestly, if I wasn't so keen on having a professional library and therefore wanting to own and keep all my education textbooks, I would totally rent them!) They are seriously the easiest to work with that I've found and heard of, and they are online -as is everything nowadays - so it's easy peasy. Some of the perks about renting textbooks are:

  • save 40-90% off of bookstore prices!!
  • free shipping BOTH ways
  • can highlight in the textbooks....major good news!
  • flexible renting periods accommodate various semester lengths
  • 21-day risk free returns....because there's always a prof who says you no longer need that book
And my favorite...
Operation Smile is an international charity that saves children's smiles - as the largest volunteer based medical charity providing cleft surgeries, working in over 60 countries around the world for a better tomorrow and a brighter life. I'd rent a book just to donate to charity - seriously - a company with a heart! Dime in a dozen.

One last awesome thing: is all about is RentBack - a new initiative that allows students to rent out the textbooks they own to other students. Now this is something I can use in my situation! (Glad I found out about this!) There are always new students taking classes you've already taken, so there is always someone wanting to rent your book each and every semester. Which means that you'd make 2-4 times more as compared to a buyback option at the end of a semester. (I remember countless bookstores buying back textbooks for meager deals...) How cool is that?!

This is definitely something I have to look into, especially once I'm done with the semester and have more time to think - and you should too!

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  1. hey that's pretty cool that it donates to operation smile.. i'll definitely be checking into that. thanks for sharing!


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