Happy Birthday Marines!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Photo: 2013 Marine Corps Birthday Ball!

Happy Birthday Marines!!!

We went to the birthday ball for Marshall's MLG last week Friday.. It was at this regal hotel in San Diego. We got to explore the city a little and even explore the hotel. There was this top floor where the "after party" was, though mostly senior officers were there. But it was this circular floor and from every way you could look out and see the city. We haven't explored much of downtown SD but did a little bit that night. We tried to meet friends for an after party of our own but  the place was packed, so we left and went home. It felt weird to walk around the city in my floor length gown! Marshall was on sword detail so he had to be there early and had a change of clothes, but I had no such thing.. Oh yeah, we also had to drive separate because of that, it was a little terrifying driving through downtown on my own! Anyway -  The ball itself was really nice, and the food was amazing. We had a good time, and even danced a little. I only wish I had a change of clothes for later!

Besides the point, I wanted to take this break to celebrate the (belated) birthday of our United States Marine Corps! We are forever grateful and thankful for your service!

Semper fi!

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  1. So glad yall had a good time! Yall look great!



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