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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Whenever I listen to Shaun Groves... I feel like Im home again.

...Welcome Home

Take, me, make me
All You want me to be
That's all I'm asking, all I'm asking

So, fun story. He is actually the son in law of our pastor from my family's home church growing up in Sugar Land. Yep, those 5 years in the former land of Imperial Sugar are the longest I've lived in one place - and mind you, we were in 3 different houses in the same city, but still within minutes from each other - so yes, one place. We loved that place. I still do. I miss it so much. SL has changed drastically and grown to like 20-odd high schools in one single school district. Seriously, it's huge now. It was big then, but didn't seem so big. Our church has changed it's name since then, grown twice as big, got a new sanctuary, new name, the works. But it didn't seem huge at the same, at the impressionable young age we were. I loved Williams Trace (Now SLBC). The ministry, the sunday school, the outreach, the summer camps, VBS was especially my favorite. Can you say crafts...and veggie tales?!! My love for Bob & Larry began at the tender age at 8... and I hope it never ends.

Anyway, the point is that moving away from that church was so hard. We loved it. And Shaun Groves - this singer here who's been doing this amazing thing and traveling for Compassion for over a decade - is still making music, praising the Lord. How it should be. I think I was in about 4th grade when we first went to his concert - at our former church - because he's the former pastor's son in law - and really, it was good. Like, really good.

I dug out his CD's last week when trying to clean out my office and couldn't help it - put it in my car and blasted it on the stereo - sang my heart out. His music moves me. So simple, yet so profound.

We went to his concert each year when his tour stopped at the church. And we loved it. Even when we moved away from the land of sugar and on to the land of cheese, we drove hours to another church in a little town in the Midwest just to see him again when his album Twilight came out. Oh, how I love that album too. I even still have the shirt. And the picture we posed with him, somewhere around here... All of us- my family thought we  were so cool going to see his concert in a totally different state, hailing from the church he sang at and visited so often because his family started it. Mind you, he didn't attend it, Shaun Groves is from Texas but lives in Tennessee, but hey - it's something.

The point is that this past week I fell in love all over again with his simple lyrics, the profound message, and found myself itching for more of the Lord because of it. It brought me back to my past - to where I've ever felt most at home - Sugar Land - and brought me back to Him. I just love the lyric. I can't help but sing along. I can't help but be grateful for all of the wonderful memories I have with my family when we were younger, going to church together, the many concerts, the many activities we were plugged into the Sugar Land. And even when we moved, for two consecutive summers, we went back to attend youth camps in the summer, and boy were they fun. It's just everything about it - I miss it. My childhood. My home.

Houston is my home - southwest, southeast, the Gulf - all still Houston. It's times like this, when I listen to this music from my past that I reflect of the good we had in those years. Still, even being in our home state, we didn't have any other family close enough to us - the closest were 5 hours away - so it's like we were always our own individual family unit, and seeing the rest of family was a treat. It was our time in Sugar Land that really stuck with me. And every time I listen to Shaun Groves, all the emotions and feelings and love I have for that place come back to me.

Every time I listen to his music - I feel at home.

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