a gracious whirlwind

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Well, looks like it's been a few weeks since I've posted on here. Sorry, not sorry. I've been overwhelmed and underwhelmed and everywhere in between the past month. What a gracious month December has been! We have had many adventures and ups and downs, and are all too excited for what the new year will bring us in 2014 - Disneyland trip in the upcoming days included! In the meantime, here is a recap list of what I, and the both of us, have been up to as of late, in no particular order:

  • I read 10 books. Yes, you read that right, TEN books in just this month alone. Loved every minute of it! Later on, I'm sure I'll edit and add the titles.

  • We road-tripped over 20 hours each way to various areas in Texas to visit family and friends for Christmas. Oodles of joy and love and fun and Jesus happened! Gracious for Marshall doing a majority of the driving!

  • I registered for my next certification test, the PRAXIS Special Ed Content & Applications, to be taken next June. Very excited about this! This one transfers directly to Texas certification, and from there I will have my foot in the door for when we move home. Looking forward to next summer when I start my certification classes through the state, as well.

  • I had an amazing semester with Christian Women's Fellowship, the bible study group on base, and loved the presentations at the Christmas party, until spring kick-off. Ballerinas, teacups, hats, delicious food, fellowship, and Jesus were just what I needed!

  • I painted four canvases, and absolutely love them. Two are Frozen and Tangled themed, and the other two are of Belle & Mulan. (Yes, all Disney) I gave the latter to my good friends back home, Holly & Tracey - ahem, each with their fave princess. Love creating art!

  • I met a group of lovely military spouse bloggers, living in the greater San Diego area, for lunch and some painting. I painted this cute mug with a sunset picturesque, and the other ladies made some fine creations as well. It was so sweet to meet with these ladies of which I read of their lives so often! Can't wait for the next outing!

  • I ordered textbooks for my final semester of university at Liberty. I am beyond excited! They are set to arrive a week before classes start in January. It is surreal indeed.

  • After finals commenced, I was finally able to do some real, hard cleaning in this little abode of ours. Although it's not where I want it to be, it looks much better than it did during the stresses of this semester!

  • Speaking of school, I applied to graduate and will do so May 9th 2014! At least that is when my finals are due. Degrees will be conferred within that next month, so here goes the waiting game. Besides the point, I am very thrilled to be this close! Thanks to the stud for willingly funding this last year.

  • We finally got the flag latch hook rug framed, and it looks wonderful on our living room wall. Speaking of which, d├ęcor is finally up in a collage, and it looks much more home-like than before.

  • I made lots of peppermint fudge & white chocolate peppermint cookies for Marshall's Marines and their families. Word is, they were a hit. I think, it was a day well spent with my lovely Kitchenaid. Baking is such a joy.

  • We met my parents, brother, and aunt in Vegas a few weeks ago for the National Finals Rodeo - my aunt Jean was running barrels! It was such a fun trip. During which, the highlights were the Santa Run 5k, and Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar in Ceaser's Palace. We had some amazing fondue and partook in drinking from the famous Hug Mug! So neat (and definitely on my wish list!) I am also motivated to start running now, along with pilates - new year's resolution, perhaps?

And some more pictures as of late, of which may or may not pertain to the bullet points..



Until next time - I am planning on posting about the many books I read this month, as well as one dedicated to the celebration and wonder of Christmas.


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your paintings....especially the scene from Tangled!! So pretty! Looks like you had a super fun December. Enjoy your New Year (and your trip to Disneyland!)

  2. Sounds like a busy busy month!!! I have missed your blog postings! Happy new year!!!


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