the season begins

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Why, hello there December! I cannot believe you are already here. Where has this year gone?! We've been California lovin' for nearly a year now. If only the weather was a little nicer!

This month is always one of the most exciting for me. We have a mini pre-lit tree in the living room that I put all the ornaments on, at least all that I could fit, on Thanksgiving day. We are going to the National Finals Rodeo this weekend in Vegas to see my aunt ride and meet my parents for a mini vacation. We already have plans down and leave set for our road trip back home over Christmas. We are very excited to be back home for a bit in Texas and celebrate the truth and reason for the season --- Jesus.

Now, we just need to get gifts for family, finish finals, clean the house, pack, and we're ready to go! Oh, and find a place to board Scruffy while we're gone this weekend. Just gotta get through this week..

Today I met a sweet friend downtown for the movies! I always knew there was a movie theatre there, but just never went. Oh, and the parking situation - who knew there was a free lot across the street from the beach?! I have to go back. We saw Frozen --- I loved it! Of course, I saw it the second time. I went last week down in San Diego with a friend from high school as well. It is such a good movie! It reminds me so much of Tangled and I love that. Now I have to watch Tangled again. I am crazy about my Disney movies!

Oh, and did anyone else notice that it s Advent --- the waiting, the days before our Savior's birth? I have already read through but am going through it again as it was meant to be --- The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp. It's a Christmas devotional which traces the line of Jesus all the way back to Jesse. An upside down Christmas, a true celebration. Is anyone else doing this with me?

Ann Voskamp - The Greatest Gift

Ready for this season.


  1. My nieces went to see Frozen this weekend and LOVED it. I totally need to see it!

  2. We are doing a Christmas road trip to Texas as well! I cannot wait to be around family for the holidays this year, I miss those crazy people :)

    A Modern Navy

  3. I want to see this! We loved Tangled and are suckers for anything Disney or Pixar!


  4. The movie looks adorable , I've been meaning to take my little sister can't wait!

  5. Had so much fun seeing Frozen! Can't wait for tomorrow!

  6. I took my daughter to see Frozen last night and I loved it! I haven't loved a girly Disney movie that much since Tangled.


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