a new year - and new resolutions

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 is going to be the best year as of yet in our little nest. Why do you ask? Because of the many great plans we have! For now, here are a few of my resolutions, or goals, or plans, or what have you (Note that these are mine personally-though I think the stud will appreciate the garden bullet point!):
Whats your New Years Resolution???

~Read through the Bible - completely - twice

~Tryout for an area orchestra (flute and/or piccolo)

~Read 75+ books - no joke - because I actually read 75 books total in 2013 (school textbooks included)

~Finish t-shirt quilts (after a few years off and on)

~Make stuffed animals for children's ward, labor and delivery departments (CP naval hospital & Rady Children's in San Diego)

~Maintain a garden, including fresh flowers (for each day), fruits, and veggies

~Visit Room 56 again (Hobart Elem - LA), as well as KIPP Academy in San Diego, and spend some more time at South O

~Paint canvases - scenic, custom, etc. (Etsy shop perhaps?)

~Complete Michael's cake decorating courses # 2-4 with Erin

~Intern and eventually work at an ACSI school with certifications

~Begin writing children's books (various themes planned!) and publication process (!!!)

~Pilates on a regular basis, as well as training for and completing 5k's in the area (Including the one at Disneyland!!)

~Make tea and light candles and do my devotionals to start each day in peace and contentment- soaking in God's word and truths

~Start a sponsorship with Compassion- praying about this!

...After seeing this list, can you see what's important to me in life? It seems to me that whatever is on somebody's list of resolutions or goals at the beginning of year tells you a whole lot about the person! So, next time you are getting to know someone, ask them their life goals and resolutions and inspirations - they may surprise you!

What's holding you back from your new year goals? What does 2014 have in store for you? Chase after your dreams, ladies! You can see I have a few, such as getting published, the stuffed animals (which I'd like to turn into a nonprofit one day), and to join an area orchestra with my hobby of the past decade. Who knows if this will really hold true - Only God does. With Him, you are capable of wonders!

Everyone have a blessed start to the new year - 2014, here we come!

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