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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Well, how do you do? I realize that time has gotten the best of me and I completely forgot to blog about our recent vacation to Big Bear! Yes, this is the second time we've been there, and it was mighty fun! This was about 2 weeks ago now (I know, I know...) We met a bunch of Marshall's buddies up there and had a vacation rental for the holiday weekend. We only stayed for one night, and made the most of it - went to a national park, and drove around town exploring.  The views were spectacular! And this time, we had Scruffy - she absolutely loved hiking with us! Here are a few picture highlights... I'll let the mountains do most of the talking!

For nearly the entire drive, Scruffy was sitting up looking out the window! She loves car rides, oh, and her cupcake blanket. She is always sleeping and sitting on that one, we had to bring it for her.

Ski trails in the distance! Marshall's buddies all went skiing, but we decided to do some hiking instead! Snow doesn't really mix with us. Nope!
Driving over Big Bear Lake.. It's beautiful!

Pictures from the national park...
I thought the outdoor amphitheater was pretty neat!

Scruffy absolutely LOVED it! She's a real dog - she's at her prime when running through the woods and mountains! Dogs will be dogs. Though dogs had to stay on a leash at the park, so she was really running us around, all these new smells and all.

Isn't Marshall such a stud?!

Scruffy was smiling the entire day!

Such a beautiful bright blue sky!

Scruffy looks so regal.. And Marshall's studying the map, before we decide which trails we want to go on. We were also able to get national parks passes here... Free for military, every year too! Gotta take advantage of this!

A map of the trails.

I got some action shots! Scruffy was going so fast, she was practically walking us, instead of the other way around!

The views are breathtaking! See the snow in the distance? How crazy is that?!

I love these pictures with the sun reflecting off the lake!

Yeah, I could just sit here all day and look at this view...

Such a happy Scruffy puppy!

One last picture...

And here's how much Scruffy enjoyed her day at Big Bear:

.....She was OUT!
So as I was saying, we went out to Big Bear for a night.. The first evening we hung out with all of Marshall's coworkers, then the next day we got up, packed up, and headed out for the mountain trails! We had a full day exploring and finding local shops before we headed back home. It was about a 3 hours drive from us, so it's enough of a vacation to get away, but not far enough that we don't have to plan extremely far out for.
Besides, the point, we loved it, and I think Scruffy did too. Like I said, she is really in her prime and at her best when surrounded by nature - she just needs trees and new smells and room to run and she's a happy pup! It was so nice to get away for a few days, and I'm glad we were able to get a little getaway out of a 3-day weekend. Yeah, I realize this happened about 2 weeks ago, but better late than never, right?! Things have been pretty busy over here! I PROMISE I'll be back to blogging sooner than later though :)
Has anyone else ever been to Big Bear? Must-do's for our next visit?

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