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Sunday, January 26, 2014

So I'm finally getting back into a regular-like routine of blogging again, and this time around I will put up a few pictures of happenings around our little nest lately!
Yes, I have finally gotten around to crafting a bit more and made this lovely wreath with Erin! It looks so good on our front door. And a bonus - the "N" was actually the cake topper at our wedding! I chose yellow because it's vibrant and different than blue - cause everything we have in our home is blue - we just love it. But we also love yellow, and were actually the yellow to my sister-in-law's rainbow at her wedding a few months ago! Both colors work for us (And yes, I know they're boy scout colors.. Ha!)

Marshall's masterpiece.. He's been hard at work the past week or so making this garden! If you see on the other half of the photo, there's still some dirt that hasn't been overgrown yet that shows where the garden was last summer. This year, it's much bigger - and much better! He's treated the soil, fertilized it, and planted it. What's missing right now are the tomato cages, ready for the first leaf to show. This year we'll have tomatoes, peppers, squash, greens, red chard, spinach, and a few others. I am so excited to have fresh homegrown veggies again! This time I will perfect the art of blanching and freezing for later, since I know with a garden this much bigger we will have a lot to go around.

And last.. earlier today I met other military spouse bloggers in the greater San Diego area for a blate! (blogger date) It was loads of fun. We went to Blo Carlsbad and got all our hair done fancy, then went out to eat at this nice restaurant overlooking a golf course and the greater Carlsbad area. It was a beautiful view! Here I am posing with Erin, and again with the rest of the group at the hair place! This group is such a blessing! I opted for a fishtail braid (and don't forget the head massage!) so it was nice to learn how to do that. It's nice to get pampered every once in a while!

In the chairs (front row): Jes, Victoria
In other news, yes, I will still be going to sign up for some classes at Xtend Barre this week. I am super excited about that! I am also excited for my first day in second grade tomorrow!! I think I will be doing 2 full days a week until the end of the school year - gets me enough practicum hours and also keeps me busy! I can't wait to talk to the teacher again! She had such a fun class last year, so I'm excited I'm able to go back! It's such a relief to have all of the paperwork done through the school district - so now I can enjoy counting up those hours! And another bonus - I will most likely be seeing some students from the first grade classrooms I was in last year!
I also have homework to finish by tomorrow night.. A stats test and an article review. Wish me luck! This week is module 3 of 16 (then after that I'm DONE!) so I'm trying to get on track to finish all homework by Friday so I have the weekend free - a necessary adjustment! This is the week I'm finally able to get my schedule on track! And we'll see if a part time afternoon job pops up anywhere in there. I'll hopefully hear back from the preschool tomorrow as well. Busy day tomorrow!
Have a blessed week! Monday's aren't all that bad!


  1. It was so good to see you again today!

  2. Ahh...that "blate" looks like so much fun! I wish we were still in socal!


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