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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So I know it's a little late but  I decided-what better time than now to post an update? My posting has been kind of sporadic, and I'm afraid it may stay that way. But it's totally okay. We're living life! Here is what has been going on lately (first few updates are all me on the home/school front)...

Tomorrow morning I have an interview at a Montessori (AMI) preschool - just like the preschool I went to at Fort Knox all those years ago. I have been very interested in AMI for a while, ever since researching certifications (though the process to be AMI is quite extensive!) so am excited for the opportunity to at least see it first hand. Even better -  I can WALK there from our house! And it's only a few hours in the afternoon on weekdays. It sounds too good, but we'll see how the interview process goes. Prayers for that!

Also tomorrow I am going to the elementary school (which I can also WALK to!) to get the details on my placement - which grade I will be with, and set up hours with the teacher. I am wanting to do half days - Monday to Wednesday in the morning - which will give me more than enough of the required hours that need to be logged, as well as a flexible enough schedule to get errands, bible study on base, and school done as well. It also gives room for an afternoon shift if I in fact can get that (or another) job in question.

I kind of feel like this all fell into place - now it's a matter of the schedule sticking, and hearing back.  I wasn't exactly looking for anything, but I may have found it. Blessings in disguise, right? I'm excited for by the end of the month when I really will have my schedule set in place. And it wouldn't hurt to have an internship and a job where I can walk to both- not to mention a flexible schedule too!

As for school, this is a much slower semester than any I have ever had before - which I'm totally happy with! Extremely pleased. I just need to remember not to rush myself to finish quizzes days early before they are due, and to finish math (stats - fun, right?) before the weekend so as not to scram at the end - and I'll be totally fine. I kind of made that mistake this past week - the first week of my final semester - I didn't give myself much time at all for school. But hey- I am so happy to have a mostly relaxing final semester! I can't believe in about 3.5 months I will be done with college!

In other news, we went to Home Depot today to get a bunch of goodies for Marshall's garden this year! It will be twice as big as last year's and will include better quality soil and some yummy veggies - the collard greens I'm most excited about!

 I haven't been completely on track with my new year plans that I posted about previously - at least nothing too in depth. I have patterns for different stuffed animals but still need to fix the sewing machine, I'm getting the internship set up tomorrow, looking at the 2nd cake decorating course, doing daily devotionals, and am already started on my 6th (or maybe 7th?) book in my pile for the year, as well as starting to outline a few books - early writing stages. So I guess I'm working on that list a little, but just not as in depth - the resolutions will come in time! They are for the whole year, after all.

Last, I think I will include the books I am reading right now. My absolute favorite authors I have discovered last year are Francine Rivers and Robin Jones Gunn. Oh, their books just touched me so! With that, I'm currently reading The Atonement Child and Canary Island Song, respectfully. I have heard amazing reviews of both (and really all of their books!) and always look forward to some quiet time throughout the day to stop and read a chapter or two! This girl needs bigger bookcases - or some sort of amazing office storage organization extravaganza! But more on that later.

Oh, we also went to Disneyland right after the new year - but I'll post pictures of that later I guess. Right now I need to focus on prepping for the interview!

Moving on now... It sure looks like this is adding up to be a great year! Have a blessed week everyone!

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  1. I absolutely love catching up with your life on your!


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