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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Blogs by Christian Women

Well, here goes another post! After being out of the loop for some time, it's going to take some adjustment to get back into that rhythm of posting blogs regularly again. So for now, I think I'll link up with a wonderful community I've found here in the cyber world, Blogs By Christian Women, where we are invited to share our lives through faith. What a wonderful way to connect with other Christians! From what I can tell, the Sunday Share (I know, a day early) is a link-up where we post about our favorite blog posts and share it on their website. So, here it goes! Favorites lately are listed as follows:

Favorite Reads of 2013

a gracious whirlwind

Ball Etiquitte

I know the original post on the website said to link up 2 of your own posts, but I decided to put 3. Why? Because books, life happenings and travel and family, as well as etiquette and appearance, are all fairly important to me. So go ahead and read up on somewhat recent posts of mine!

And about this blogging regularly deal - I cannot guarantee anything! Though, I can tell you, that tomorrow after church I will be going on another "blate" - blogger date - with other SD area milso bloggers! This one is much closer to me than last time, in Carlsbad, and we will be getting our hair done fancy and going out to eat by a golf course. Details of that later! In the meantime, I have to finish a lot of my homework tonight, while we wait for the barbecue pork roast to finish in the crock pot :) Gotta start using that crock pot more often- it smells delightful!

Oh, and Monday is my first day at the elementary school for my practicum hours - I'll be in 2nd grade! Also Monday I should be hearing back about the preschool job, so we'll see what happens. Just taking it all as it comes. And another thing - I am so relieved to not be in as many classes this semester, but it's still a lot of studying! I have quite a bit of homework to finish by Monday night but I am sure it will all get done in time. So there's that as well. I have a never-ending list of things to do- that's life, right?

One more thing.. Has anyone heard of Xtend Barre? A combination of pilates and dance? I will be looking into classes with them soon - hopefully this week! Good thing is, I can walk to the studio! Love our neighborhood.

Till next time!



  1. I AM SO EXCITED FOR TOMORROW!!! How ridiculously fun is it going to be?
    I can't wait to hear about all the fun things coming up for you! Sounds like it will be so much fun!
    I took pilates about a year or so ago, while Gene was in Afghanistan, and really enjoyed it. We did barre work on Fridays that incorporated some of the pilates moves. I really enjoyed it! Quite the workout, friend! I hope you love it!


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