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Friday, February 28, 2014

And if you live in so-cal, you may begin placing orders at The Nest Bakery...
... I wish.

But yes, I made that cake! I doctored up a box mix, using melted butter instead of oil, and milk instead of water. Just that alone tastes SO much better than what the box says. Sorry, but I didn't have the time to make it from scratch. I'm in my senior year at LU, remember?

So I headed over to Michael's for Wilton's Cake Decorating Class Course 2 - Flowers & Cake Design, with my friend Erin. The last course, where we basically just put all our flowers on the cake, was this Monday.

It was fun! And that's where I learned to make all those flowers you see.

It really wasn't that bad, just a lot of fondant and gum paste...

And the "yellow river" or what have you is just food coloring gel paste. Some flowers are all icing, some are all fondant...

And that cake is covered in fondant.

Obviously, I must like fondant! But not really, it's not that yummy or edible. It just looks so good as a decoration!

And as a bonus, we were the ONLY two people in the class! I guess not that many people want to learn how to decorate cakes for cheap and bypass pastry school, huh? So we basically had private lessons! Our instructor, Terry, was really nice, and even showed us how to make some flowers from the more advanced classes, courses 3 & 4. The class met Monday evenings for the whole month of February for a couple of hours. So you can say my Monday's were crazy busy, compared to what I'm used to!

They went a little like this: wake up, go to 2nd grade for a half day, go home and eat lunch, go to preschool till closing, go home and quick make something (dinner plus frostings for the class if not made already), go to Michael's for the class. Which basically means that I had to make the cakes on Sunday nights, and most likely eat leftovers for Mondays. For the most part, the stud's been getting really busy at work so he's gotten home when I was at the class, so I just had to have something ready for him if need be. Anyway.

Who needs a cake made and decorated soon?!

trouble lurking in the jungles...

Okay.. So not real trouble. Just Trouble, our kitty.
Yes, we have a cat, and yes she is the sweetest little kitty you've ever seen or known!
Her name is Trouble. We adopted her from family just a year ago, and as far as I know, she has
loved livin' the so-cal kinda life... Probably because of this backyard she gets to explore!

Friends, we really got lucky with this one. We have a big backyard, especially for being in such an old neighborhood, and so close to the highway, downtown, the beach ,etc. Seriously, almost perfect location. And our animals love it.

Especially our kitty, Trouble. It's like a jungle out there, really.
I mean just LOOK AT THAT SWEET FACE! How could you not love her?!
Obviously, we love cats here in this little nest.
If I could, I'd go adopt every kitty right now at the shelter.
But then that would call for way too many extra pet deposits...

So we just have the cat and the pups. Scruffy is our dog, if you don't remember.
Yep, she is getting her own post too, pretty soon!
But for now.. Trouble is stealing the spotlight.

Okay. Seriously. Remember the second picture in this post?
Trouble likes to sit in that bush and hide from us and sniff nature to her little kitty heart's content,
when we have this really amazing sized backyard just ready for her to pounce on!

But did I mention that she is declawed and is practically an indoor kitty?
She is so curious about the outside, that it's taken months, literally, for her to build up the courage to venture into the jungle of our backyard. But really, just that one bush is like the jungle to her. She loves it. And we love seeing our animals happy. It's so precious! She is always waiting by the door, ready to quick sneak out whenever I take one of my many trips outside to water the garden, or to switch the laundry. (yes, we have a separate laundry room, and its awesome).
I confess that sometimes, I just leave the back door open with a door stop and let her sit outside for hours while I'm in the kitchen or working on homework (when I can see her from my office window too). She loves having free reign, and unless she jumps on top of the fence which is highly unlikely (because she loves the grass too much I'm sure) she is pretty safe out there. But we still keep an eye on her.
And we have a tub of CAT GRASS (seriously, they make kitty grass seeds! Like cat food!) by the steps to the backyard, which has already sprouted some.. Pictures to come soon with the rest of the garden. She loves to eat grass and nature, too. Weird girl.

So that's my kitty's life in a nutshell. Yes, her real name is Trouble Girl Newsom. Just like how our pups' name is Scruffy Spice Newsom. And yes, we take this seriously in our little nest-home!

blogger brunch!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

So I actually woke up early on a Saturday morning, and do you know what I did? Went to brunch!

OC Blogger Brunch
Yep! I went to the OC Blogger Brunch today, and carpooled over there with some other military spouse bloggers I've met at those blates I've mentioned before. (Elizabeth @ The Young Retiree, Kara @ Ramblings of a Marine Wife, & Jes @ Bleu Dress Jes) We went over to Great Over Good which is a cute little art studio in Santa Ana. The brunch benefited two awesome charities, Working Wardrobes -which provides professional clothing to at risk or homeless individuals, and The Princess Project -which provides prom dresses, shoes, and accessories for young girls who would otherwise be unable to attend their prom. I had such a blast going to a regional blogger meet up, and it was so fun to meet other bloggers in the area! LOVE these blates! (Editing soon to add all the ladies who came to this event! Stay tuned! Or just search the hashtag on twitter!)
 photo 023_zpsbf651352.png
Search for it on Twitter!

My cute (handwritten) nametag!

Paper straws in little cups! I had orange juice in mine, and I believe there were mimosas there?

Such a cute studio!

The craft table! We made a body scrub with almond oil, coconut oil, rose petals, and brown sugar! Can't wait to try it! (Also now I know what to do with that coconut oil that's been sitting in our pantry for months..)

Love this setup!

All of the clothes that were donated!
I was so happy to be giving some of my clothes I never touch in my closet a good home! Including a few formal gowns I don't prefer for the birthday balls (don't worry mom, they weren't the ones you gave me!). Now- the spring cleaning continues! This was a great start though! Excited to hopefully have a clean home by summer and the end of finals!

Blogger business cards! No, I don't have one :)

Back in my office... One of our little trinkets from the event!
The card was a gift from Nadine who owns Great Over Good.

My craft! Can't wait to try this!
 So much fun!! It was a great experience and I was so glad to be able to make it to this event! They are planning on having one each month - next month will also be hosted by Bloggers Giving Back and we'll be making care packages to send to troops overseas. I believe it's March 29th, so other socal bloggers...Check out the website (button below) for details! I'm sure the space will fill up fast since it is limited!
Until next time!

Bloggers Giving Back


Friday, February 21, 2014

WOAH. Where did time go?! This was technically yesterday, which marked year one of living in one of the happiest cities in the country - because of the beautiful weather and ample amount of things to do, duh. I can't believe we've already been living here for a year. That's 365 days of sun-soaking, taco-eating, summer-year-long-weather that we've had the privilege of enjoying. And I say privilege because it really is incredible that we can live in an area such as San Diego for Marshall's job - this is a well sought-after area, yall! Lots of people vacation here, and we actually LIVE here! How incredible is that?!

In this year we have done lots of outdoor things, the most of which occurred when family visited over the summer. Honestly, if we don't have a good reason to venture into the great unknown such as visitors, then we'd both be perfectly content relaxing in our backyard or just taking Scruffy for a walk around this beautiful neighborhood. We're not as into the tourist-y things you associate with southern California, but there is ample outdoor activities to suffice. But with that said, there is still so much more that we have to complete for the next 2 years we will be living here. Lots to do! (Also suggestions are welcome! We obviously love outdoor activities..)

Here are a few of the things we've enjoyed in the past year of living here...
Thanks to the Marine Corps for sending us here! Otherwise, I don't think there is ever a way these Texans at heart would have made it out here... The beaches in Corpus Christi suffice, if you ask me, but it's just SO COOL to be able to WALK to the Pacific Ocean from here! Love it.

Can you guess what any of these are??


..Here's to a few more years in socal!!
Also, we'd LOVE suggestions on what to do, places to see, things to eat, etc. while we are here! Once again, for these Texans and homebodies, living here is probably the only chance we will ever get to be in this area, because really, who knows when we'll ever come back?
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