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Friday, February 14, 2014

Well, that time of the year has come...

Our TAX RETURN is here!!! Oh, how joyous this makes us.

With this, we were able to pay off  parts of a few things which is a huge relief...

...And that, accompanied with payday, makes for one happy bank account.

I don't think I ever talk about money on here, which is really a private topic and I'm not going to get into detail about it, but let's just say that now we only have 3 payments left on my school and it will all be done and paid in full by the first week of May, DAYS before I GRADUATE! Definitely a reason to celebrate!

Here's to the FUTURE!

Also, my new year's resolutions have quite warped in the past few weeks and weeks.
Here is a new and updated list (you can see it's much more of a personal list..):

>Graduate May 2014 w/ bachelors & ACSI cert.

>Receive and frame my degree from Liberty all pretty! (Yes, this is a resolution, yes, I will be using Michael's framing coupons, yes, this will be done as soon as I receive it!)

>Successfully take the Special Ed PRAXIS in June (study study study!)

>Enroll in MAT w/ TX state certification program (distance until full-on student teaching)

>Get CPR/First Aid at Red Cross on base

>Use MyCAA spouse grant for something (probably pilates teacher certification? Who knows! I need suggestions!)

>Run some 5k's!!!

>Finish t-shirt quilt from high school (and fix sewing machine to do so)

>Take Michael's cake decorating courses (# 1 completed, #2 in progress, #3 and #4 to go next!)

>Paint large scenic canvas.. of something... Maybe for our living room? Suggestions also welcome!

>Read bundles and bunches of books this year.. Like more than 75, which is the number I read last year throughout! Suggestions here too!

>Start writing books! To do: children's book series and a memoir of sorts. Hopefully get drafts and proposals completed this year!

>Start making stuffed animals for children's hospitals, like the ones I got all those years ago at Children's in Milwaukee (And maybe turn it into an Etsy shop!)

>Job wise: hopeful full time at the preschool (right now it's part time), aide for south o, or full/part time at an ACSI school. Not really sure yet. Job outlooks are up in the air for me! Ack!

>More thorough plans for when we get out in a few years! Always looking ahead.

Hellooooooo to 2014! Nice to see ya. (Yes, I know it's already mid-February..) I think this will be good year, don't you?


  1. Hooray for you paying off school before you even graduate - that's such an awesome accomplishment!! I'd love to hear more about the CAA spouse grant, too!
    I just finished reading 'What Alice Forgot', 'The Fault in Our Stars' , & 'The Husband's Secret' - loved them all. Happy reading :)

  2. You can use mycaa for something fun like that?! I had no idea. That's an awesome idea. :)

  3. You would be awesome at writing children's books!! How neat! Great list!!!

  4. Paying off debt is probably one of the most freeing feelings in the world! Congrats on paying off your school debt soon!!!


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