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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Well, here I am again! And if you can just take one glance at the above picture... I think you'd know that this picture overload is about DISNEYLAND! Yes, that's right, we went to the land of everything Disney, the happiest place on earth, a few weeks ago. Actually, we went January 4th. And I see now that it's the end of the month that I'm actually writing about it. Well, it's been a crazy month! So here it is. Picture barf, basically. Yep, that's right - picture overload!

As you may know, I absolutely love anything and everything Disney. Frozen & Tangled soundtracks are on repeat in my car, and my Pandora is always sitting on the Disney station. I am so tempted to go to the special screenings of Frozen sing-along downtown...Only showing this weekend, I hear... But anyway.

A few months ago I went to ITT on base and got us 3-day hopper tickets for Disneyland, good for this fiscal year.. And yes, we finally used them right after new years. (3 day hopper for the regular price of 1! Amazing deal!) We went for a day, and are planning on staying for the last 2 days of the tickets sometime in the summer -probably May, after I finish finals, to celebrate the end of my undergrad years!

So, without further adieu...I give you pictures of Disneyland! Above is, of course, the Sleeping Beauty castle, still with Christmas décor and all.

Tom Sawyer island.. Fun little ferry ride! It reminded me of the ferry ride across the lake at Epcot at Disney World.. Yes, I know, it's been a long time since I've been there! Try, 4 years.

AMAZING broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl! I love the food at Disney.

We just had to climb and explore Tarzan's tree house!

And just as I'm typing this, "Two Worlds" by Phil Collins, from the Tarzan soundtrack, comes onto my Disney Pandora station. WOAH.

STAR TOURS! A 2-hour line well spent.

He's such a stud in those 3-D glasses.

The lines were way too long for this one..

Yes, I really wanted to ride the teacups at Fantasyland! But I didn't. I have fond memories of last time I was at Disneyland, with the Waukesha H.S. Northstar band in 2007 in high school. I was sitting in a yellow teacup with my friend, wearing a yellow Cheerios shirt, and PLUTO comes in with other characters and sits with us for the ride! My favorite picture from that trip!

Love the canal ride...But we didn't want to wait in line. Trying to get the most out of one day there and all, ya know.

"It's a small world after all..."

The entrance into Tomorrowland!

Our picture from Space mountain!!! Without a doubt one of the BEST rides at Disneyland!

Dole Whip.. Need I say more?! Oh and pineapple juice.
They were AMAZING and refreshing, just what we needed.
You can't go to Disneyland without getting a dole whip, y'know...

I thought it was so clever that they changed the Jungle Cruise sign to say JINGLE Cruise for Christmas! And of course, the Christmas décor was still up, which I totally didn't mind!

This is for our friend Holly... LOOK WHAT BOAT WE WERE ON! "HONDO HOLLY" !!

The jungle cruise was so neat! Loved this.

Look.. Tarzan!

The spinning teacups again...Love this.

Another view of the canal ride in Fantasyland.

I think I found Olaf! Love that they had Frozen décor up in Fantasyland! Such a great movie, that soundtrack is basically on repeat in my car and is never ever leaving my ears. And you bet I'll be the first to pre-order the DVD when it comes out in a few months!

So cool going through the sleeping beauty castle! I didn't know that you could actually walk through it! There was nobody else there.

See the picture on the left? Yeah, SO excited for Maleficent to hit theatres!! It's the story of Sleeping Beauty told from her viewpoint.. And Lana Del Rey is on the soundtrack. It's going to be absolutely amazing. It comes out in a month and a half, March 14. CANNOT WAIT!!!

I have this as my timeline photo on Facebook. I love the Mickey ear balloons! As you can see I also tried to be artistic with this photo. Sort of.  One day I'll be a kid again and get one!

A little bit of Downtown Disney.. We went to the Earl of Sandwich for lunch. Decently priced and very good! I love this store, pictured above, as well. Going to a Disney store at Disneyland is so much better than going to one at the mall in Carlsbad.

Our picture from the Tower of Terror ride... Do you spot us??? We're in the middle row on the left! So fun!! That was time well spent in line!

And does anyone remember when Cars Land was unveiled recently?! So neat!
They recreated the whole town!

Paradise Pier, all lit up at night.
My favorite part was the Ghirardelli restaurant, a picture of which I didn't upload here. One word: CHOCOLATE.

Oh, before we waited for the fireworks here, we also found this little piece of gold...
Does anyone else love the movie Up?

And this is from the Soarin' ride! One of my favorites!!

And this is from the Little Mermaid ride! No lines at all. SO fun.

Back at Paradise Pier... The light and water show finally started!

Do you see who that is?! It's Elsa from Frozen!
I love this - SO glad we stayed long enough.
It was a projection on the water with the light show still going and, of course, she was singing "Let It Go."

Love seeing the little mickey ears from little hats in the dark and light. Is that just cute or what?!

The light show was very pretty! Loved it.

So I guess that's all of the Disneyland photoblast update post.
As you can see, it was quite a jampacked little day.
I can't wait till we go back and spend our last 2 hopper day tickets in a few months! We have until August, I believe.
And you can see that there is a bit we didn't do or see - for one day, we made a priority list and looked at lines to see what we HAD to do for that time. Next time, we'll do what we missed - like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride as well as the Haunted Mansion. Both of those lines were absolutely crazy!
So what about you? When was the last time you went to Disneyland (Or Disney World for that matter)? Must-do's, tips, etc for next time? Loved re-living our time there! And yes, I would love input to make the most out of next time we go- and hotel recommendations are welcome, as well!
Till next time!

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