Friday, February 21, 2014

WOAH. Where did time go?! This was technically yesterday, which marked year one of living in one of the happiest cities in the country - because of the beautiful weather and ample amount of things to do, duh. I can't believe we've already been living here for a year. That's 365 days of sun-soaking, taco-eating, summer-year-long-weather that we've had the privilege of enjoying. And I say privilege because it really is incredible that we can live in an area such as San Diego for Marshall's job - this is a well sought-after area, yall! Lots of people vacation here, and we actually LIVE here! How incredible is that?!

In this year we have done lots of outdoor things, the most of which occurred when family visited over the summer. Honestly, if we don't have a good reason to venture into the great unknown such as visitors, then we'd both be perfectly content relaxing in our backyard or just taking Scruffy for a walk around this beautiful neighborhood. We're not as into the tourist-y things you associate with southern California, but there is ample outdoor activities to suffice. But with that said, there is still so much more that we have to complete for the next 2 years we will be living here. Lots to do! (Also suggestions are welcome! We obviously love outdoor activities..)

Here are a few of the things we've enjoyed in the past year of living here...
Thanks to the Marine Corps for sending us here! Otherwise, I don't think there is ever a way these Texans at heart would have made it out here... The beaches in Corpus Christi suffice, if you ask me, but it's just SO COOL to be able to WALK to the Pacific Ocean from here! Love it.

Can you guess what any of these are??


..Here's to a few more years in socal!!
Also, we'd LOVE suggestions on what to do, places to see, things to eat, etc. while we are here! Once again, for these Texans and homebodies, living here is probably the only chance we will ever get to be in this area, because really, who knows when we'll ever come back?


  1. I can almost feel the sunshine from your photos!!!

  2. oside pier...sprinkles....oh how I miss So Cal. We just sold our home in Orange county, and it made me SO sad!

  3. Katherine! It was so nice meeting you today. If you're ever in my neck of the woods, there's a cupcakery called ConfeXion Cupcakes that is way better than Sprinkles (in my honest opinion). Their store is located in Oldtown Pasadena and they won Cupcake Wars twice.

    1. I will have to try that! LOVE cupcakes from anywhere! We go to the Sprinkles in La Jolla and I've also been to Georgetown Cupcake in LA, I make sure to stop by the "famous" cupcakeries when I can- I've been wanting to go to more from Cupcake Wars though! There is one in Vista Village that won Cupcake Wars - Little Cakes Cupcake Kitchen- that was wonderful as well. Thanks for the suggestion! Nice to meet you too I love blogger meet ups!

  4. I can't believe its been year since you moved here! i'm so glad you did!!! :)


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