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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Howdy yall! So, it's about time I post an update about this amazing weekend I had. And honestly, it was good timing, because the stud was on duty providing for us, and I was able to have a great time with other milspouse blogger ladies that I have had SO much fun getting to know these past few months! (and not feel guilty about leaving him at home, y'know) After each fun little weekend we plan, as soon as I leave I start counting down the days till the next one! This little group is such a blessing.

First things first, this past weekend was basically the "storm of the century" in San Diego.. Just a little drizzle and everyone goes completely bonkers! That's southern California for ya! But seriously, it was storming like crazy, palm trees were swaying, and part of the time the wind was so bad and the rain was practically sideways that it was nearly impossible to drive - everyone was going like 30 under, which is unheard of in California (Because everyone here usually drives at least 15 over, seriously) Drivers here just aren't what I'm used to!

So because of that, it was cold and drizzly, and we had to change plans a bit. We were originally going to get together at NTC (Naval Training Center grounds) Liberty Park in Point Loma to take a little walking picture tour and have a few photoshoots (we are bloggers) but that plan was nixed pretty soon. So we met at Starbuck's in the area, then headed over to Panera for a quick snack while we discussed the next few month's events (which I am BEYOND excited for!) then went back to business : We headed over to Slater's 50/50 for lunch, as planned! It's a burger joint known for it's 50/50 burgers: half burger, half bacon. I decided that this spot is a must-do for when my parents come in town next! I actually ate lunch at Panera since we were there waiting for a while, so at Slater's I opted to snack on some sweet potato fries!


After that, we headed over to a waxing party! Jes won a free waxing party at European Wax Center, so we all were able to choose what to get waxed for free. I only did my eyebrows. That hurt enough! I'm just not cut out for it! But how nice is it to get that taken care of for free? I no longer have to sit in front of the bathroom mirror for an hour trying to keep my hand steady trying to pluck in poor light. I am woman! Anyway, a few services were free, then everything else was 50% off, and there was also a discount on products! Here is what I left with:

Exfoliating gel (which literally strips the dead skin away, and its painless!), ingrown hair serum, body wash & body lotion. The latter 3 are a set that helps with the easy irritation of your skin via waxing or shaving! Also the wash combats bumps and blemishes and prevents ingrown hair. And the serum prevents & treats it! How FUN!
So we hung out at the wax center for some time, and soon after it was time to head home! We all left whenever was convenient for us. So since Erin lives minutes from me I opted to ride back with her! And in case anyone wants to know, on the way there, I carpooled with Kara and Elizabeth.
This is SUCH a fun group of ladies and I can't wait till next time!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Sometimes girls days are so needed. I've never gotten anything waxed because it sounds too painful haha

  2. This sounds like so much fun! I'm such a wimp that I even think getting my eyebrows waxed hurts!


  3. Just another fun SD meet up that I'm jealous of :) Can't wait to meet you guys! xo

  4. I am too afraid they'll mess it up to get my eybrows waxed, but I have gotten my legs and bikini area done. it's definitely not the most fun, but I do like the afters of not shaving for awhile :) I need to find some area bloggers here to hang out with! Your groups sounds like fun.

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