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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Does anyone else remember all that hype from their younger years (say, 2nd grade?) of Pokémon? Cause I sure do! Here in our little nest my husband has recently gotten us hooked on watching old episodes of Ash and Pikachu (It's on Netflix!!), traveling from city to city to beat the latest local Pokémon master. He thinks it's just SO COOL - I mean who would want to travel battling Pokémon at the ripe old age of 9? At least around there. My brother and I even had Pokémon trading cards when we were little and started to collect them - though honestly, Beanie Babies kind of won out the trading card arena in my mind. But we still loved Pokémon. There was even a Nintendo game centered around Pokémon - where you travel to different habitats and take pictures of all of them for points - It was called Pokémon Snap. That was my favorite! And don't forget Pokémon Arena for N64 - an extension (and a fun one at that) where you battle other Pokémon just like on the show or Gameboy device.

So with all this late Pokémon hype in our nest, I am called to remember just how ADORABLE some of these Pokémon are! I mean, if Pikachu isn't your favorite, then there may be something wrong, because he is the sweetest and most electric of them all, not to mention the main man....But there are also some other cute Pokémon that I just have to talk about.

And here they are:

A small, fox-like fire pokemon who is seriously the cutest! Just look at that sweet face and laugh! We would totally take her as a pet if we could, but I guess the next closest (and equally as cute) thing is a real fox... One day. Her greatest abilities in battle are flash fire and drought. It evolves into Ninetails, who is also on my list of faves. And in Japanese her name is Rokon.

Ninetails is what a Vulpix evolves into, and is equally as adorable but also regal. She is a fire pokemon with the same abilities in battle - drought and flash fire. She is covered with a thick, luxurious golden-white fur and has nine long tails, each tipped with pale orange. She also has red eyes which supposedly allow her to control minds. And in Japanese her name is Kyukon.
Pikachu is Ash's main man! He is an electric pokemon who evolves from Pichu when "leveled up with high friendship" and eventually can evolve into Raichu if exposed to a thunder stone. Pikachu's abilities in battle include static and lightning rod. He is a short, chubby rodent Pokémon covered in yellow fur, and its long ears are pointed with black tips. The red on its cheecks just add to the happy disposition he has too! And in Japanese he has the same name - Pikachu!
Charmander is a fire pokemon  who eventually evolves in Charmeleon then later Charizard. He is one of three starter pokemon given on many of the pokemon Gameboy games. He is a reptilian Pokémon who is orange with a cream colored underside, and fire burns at the tip of his tail. That blaze also indicates his health - how neat! Charmanders lives in hot, mountainous areas, but most are generally under a trainer. In Japanese his name is Hitokage.
Eevee is just a regular old Pokémon, and a cute one at that! His greatest abilities in battle are to run away or adapt, and anticipaton. He has primarily brown fur with a cream tip at the end of its bushy tail. He also has short, slenderlegs with three small toes and a pink paw pad on each foot - so cute! Brown eyes, long pointy ears, black nose.. Eevee is most generally found in towns and cities, and has a naïve personality. And in Japanese his name is Eievui.
So there you have it! My 5 top cutest Pokémon that I wish I had as pets... What are yours? Anyone watch Pokémon when they were younger?


  1. Oh my gosh! Talkin' about Throwback Thursday! You make me wanna play Pokemon now haha My top five cutest pokemon would be Eevee, Jigglypuff, Ponyta, Togepi, Pichu...Okay! There's so much! Ugh it's hard to pick!

  2. My fiance plays the theme song every morning when he's getting ready for work. It used to weird me out haha! He obviously was super into this post!

  3. I was really into pokemon at some point. As I have gotten older, I have wondered about the marketing genius who figured out how to make these so cool

  4. When I was 21 I was at my friend's house and his brother had it on his Gameboy. He let me play and I was And recently in our house, my boys want to watch it non-stop. We also have an old Gameboy too.

  5. I was too old for Pokemon, but I remember my younger cousins were OBSESSED.


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