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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I recently stumbled upon Jasam's blog, The Opulent Owl, the other week - or rather, she found mine! As I opened my email I smiled, realizing that we have added another San Diego milspouse blogger to our group! Wow, I think we are reaching near 20 ladies now? Such a great group!! I can't wait to see everyone - hopefully most can come - because we have a few fun events planned in the next few weeks which I am absolutely thrilled about!

So as soon as I heard from her, I sent back an ecstatic reply, added her button to my sidebar, checked out her blog, and added her to our little group's info sheet. It's been too sweet to catch up on Jasam's life - she is a Navy veteran turned into stay-at-home mom when their sweet daughter Maylee was born. Oh, she is precious! Little girls are the best. I had the pleasure of meeting her for lunch on Monday, and it was so fun!

Their little family recently moved here to San Diego, so you can only imagine how excited she was about our blogger group - finding military spouses who are also bloggers? Bonus, right?! Someone who talks my kind of language. Anyway. After I got her in touch with our group, at that point the next meet-up was still being planned, so I wanted to get a head start on getting to know her. Enter lunch.

This past Monday we met near downtown San Diego for a fun little lunch! Well, we were originally planning on going to Karl Strauss Brewery Gardens, but the entire venue was closed for renovation until Easter. Mind you, I don't drink, and Jasam wouldn't either with her little Maylee in tow with us, but it is a beautiful venue with outdoor gardens and a large food menu. It sounds like something Marshall and my dad would really enjoy - perhaps next summer when my parents visit! Anyway.

We ended up going to Raki Raki, an amazing ramen restaurant. They specialize in authentic ramen and the infamous "ramen burger," which I decided I will have to try the next time I make it there. I was all for trying out some Japanese comfort food, and it did not disappoint! It was even a little more special, perhaps, because we have quite a few friends who are currently stationed in different areas of Japan - I can't believe they have this amazing food at their fingertips at all hours of the day, it was delicious! I seriously have to thank Jasam and her sweet friend a million times for taking me a little out of my own food comfort zone, because this is a place I know I will suggest for lunch at any point in the future. So do you want to see the restaurant?

The tables were giant hunks of wood, finished. Then there were mason jars all around for drinking glasses, and stools beside them, of course as seats. When you came into the restaurant you would be directed to the table, then someone who works there would give you a bottle of fresh spring water to share (seen here) and the menus. So obviously your pour your own water, and I was so thirsty I thought I'd drink that whole thing in one gulp - but we actually had some left! Anyway. I really liked this little set-up. Especially the part about the mason jars, and wood table. The lamps were a nice touch too! Loved the d├ęcor.

The menu was basic, and the lunch special (amazing deal) told me what to order - choose a rice bowl with meat, and ramen as well. This place specializes in ramen, which is delicious, and a million times better than the store-bought kind, as it should be.The rice bowl was delicious too!! There was also orange chicken involved, which I love dearly. So fun to use chopsticks every once in a while.

The ramen was absolutely beautiful. I mean, legitimate ramen - you can't beat that! It's nice to be in an area with so many foreign food restaurants right at your fingertips, and it's fun to be able to explore different world cuisines. This ramen did not disappoint, y'all. I was hooked. We need to get out more! Note that there was also chicken involved (a must, if you ask me) and the broth was oh my delicious. There were of course leftovers (it was HUGE), and the stud ended up having some of it, then I finished it off for an evening snack/dinner. We just snacked last night, and that was fine by me.

It was so great to meet you, Jasam!! Can't wait for the next group event! You know, you can never be sure about meeting strange bloggers on the Internet in real life - what if that's all just a face? But thus far, with all these awesome milspouse bloggers I've met and had so much fun with the past few months - that is far from the truth! It is so nice to be able to put a real face to the blog, and it makes reading their posts that much more enjoyable. I've loved getting to know all of these ladies, and it's nice to have friends all around the greater San Diego area for our time here!
Also, does anyone else catch my American flag infinity scarf? I absolutely love it! I thought it was fitting to wear while meeting another milspouse for lunch, right? Note that this is the same one which the U.S. ice skating team was wearing at the Winter Olympics! I have been wearing it non-stop... 'Merica!


  1. It's so great to finally meet you, Katherine! We will definitely have to meet up again soon. If you(and maybe your husband too) can make it down here in San Diego, I will let you know when our House Warming Party is! All this move, packing, and unpacking are making it hard for me to keep up with my blog! ugh

  2. I'm so jealous with how many bloggers there are where y'all live. That's awesome that you got to meet up :)

  3. Raman is my favorite thing in the entire world!


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