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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Well, I've been a little missing from blogland and the interwebs lately, but that's totally okay by me. It's been a much needed time away for a little bit. Yesterday I got back from a fabulous weekend women's retreat with my bible study group feeling very refreshed. I am at that point where I am content with all in our little lives and it just feels good to be here, you know?

I've also really taken to coffee lately.. I don't know what it is, but something about reading, study, and coffee just seem to go well together. This weekend at the retreat was a little coffee bar and I was there constantly getting my fix with a little creamer and milk. And I of course had apple juice close by at all times. It just kind of happened overnight, I guess. Anyway, more on the retreat in a little.

First I just wanted to point out how adorable our Scruffy Spice pup is. The stud and her posed recently for this little picture which is up on Instagram if you follow, and I just cant get enough of it!

The other week after the blogger lunch date with Jasam, I got home and facetime'd with my parents. Well, our cats got to see each other for a bit then we chatted. Then in the process the stud arrived home from work, so we all had a little chat too. It was good to talk and see them, and it's nice to finally have a smartphone to be able to do that! Also love my American flag infinity scarf which you can kinda see there!


Every other day or so I've been walking down to the beach here, and it is so fabulous. To be able to live a few minutes from the wide open blue is absolutely a dream! Here is the view at our local beach.. Isn't it amazing? Clear blue skies, bright big sun, and those waves... I could sit out here for days and never tire of it. The beach is simply my happy place.

While speaking of the beach, I thought I'd post a pictures of my new swimsuit! I may have mentioned another time that I got rid of my old two-pieces that I just didn't want to flaunt around anymore and searched and found this fabulous company, Rey Swimwear. Their suits may be a little pricey, but you pay for the fabric and designs more than anything else. Why else would you think you can find a skimpy two-piece for only $20 at the store? Because it doesn't cost as much to make! Anyway. I love this so much. It's technically a two-piece swimdress, since there's the top with the skirt then the high-waisted bottoms. It's so comfortable, fits perfectly, and is just too adorable. This will be my only swimsuit of choice for some time! Soon I will get a snapshot of myself in the suit, but for now, this will suffice:

Back to the retreat. This was the view at the pool. Absolutely fabulous. This weekend our bible study group went to a women's retreat put on by CREDO, the retreat program of the chaplain and religious programs here on base. They also hold marriage retreats which we are really wanting to go on! Only thing is there aren't too many put on a year because of funding purposes, so we will have to be put on the wait list. Anyway, the retreat was held at the Del Mar Marriot, down in San Diego. Don't you just love that view at the pool?

And don't forget the desserts! This is one of my pictures from the weekend via Instagram. I didn't take too many pictures but you know what, that's okay. It was a fabulous weekend- I had some time with my study group to relax, and the stud had some time to himself to just relax, and of course the pups. And somewhere in there last weekend he went to a mandatory go-kart thing with all the officers in his regiment (or something like that), so that's cool, too. Sounds like it was a lot of fun!
How was your weekend?


  1. I totally feel ya about taking a break from the inter webs :) That suit is ADORABLE!! Glad you got to see your family - kitties included! xo

  2. That swimsuit is adorable, Katherine! Glad you could recharge and relax this weekend!

  3. I switched a couple years ago to a more modest suit. It's still a tankini, but it does come all they way down instead of mid tummy like most in the stores. I agree it's worth the cost though :)

  4. That swimsuit is really cute!

  5. I am loving your new blog face!!!!! I've always wanted to do a CREDO retreat. Maybe that's something I can put on my summer bucket list.

  6. Looks like a fun weekend! Thank goodness for Facetime right?!



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