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Sunday, April 13, 2014

So it seems that I have been missing lately from the interwebs... Not complaining or making any excuses over here, ladies and gents. It has been quite a busy time at our little nest. Extra shifts at the preschool, regiment functions, long days at work, brunch and lunch dates, as well as a recent trip to the Renaissance Faire (to be re-capped to an extent later) have caused much hustle and bustle here. That and the fact that I am graduating in just over 3 weeks and still have a lot of studying to do in the meantime! Not to mention the book I just finished in the past few days because it literally just came out and I couldn't wait, I just had to....Oh, you know how it is...

So to give a little break in the silence of the blog lately, here is a little of what I have been up to!

A sweet blog-friend-turned-real-life-friend-who-is-also-a-milspouse and native southerner (with the most precious accent, if I say so myself) is having a baby soon! Her name is Victoria, and she was actually the first blogger I met in person, in the area! A few months ago we met in downtown Oceanside for lunch and a movie - whenever Frozen was new in theatres. It was fantastic!

So back to the story. She is having a baby soon and I know her and her husband and families are simply over the moon.... Which means that she recently had her gender reveal party over a week ago now. Late post, I know. But it was so fun! The whole SD milso blog group was invited, which was too sweet! We were asked to wear either pink or blue to "cast our vote" so I did what anyone would do.. Wear a pink dress with a blue cardigan - either way I will be right, right?! It was also a new dress, so I couldn't pass a perfect opportunity to wear it! I carpooled over there with Erin who I've been seeing a lot of lately which is awesome and we met other ladies who are in our little San Diego area milspouse blogger group! It has grown so much in the past few months, from about 5 to nearly 20 ladies! So crazy! I cannot wait for the next fun little event.. There is brunch planned for in a few weeks which I am so excited about! In the meantime, see the beautiful d├ęcor:

Victoria crafted most of this, and I so wish I had her skills (I am sorry the pictures are fuzzy and without a watermark! Lazy night over here). All of her pictures of their place are gorgeous, not to mention the sweet pictures they took to announce the little addition a few months ago! This little event did not disappoint. So the night was full of mingling and grilling (we had hamburgers!) and then the fateful time came...

Okay, so I don't have any pictures of the balloons flying out of the box. My camera just isn't that quick, yall. But in the next few pictures you can see what happened! Also, Victoria and her husband are here in this picture, they are such a sweet couple!

So she is having a boy! So excited for yall!!!!
It looks like our little group sort of half guessed it, but that's okay. From left to right: Emily, Katie, Jes, Victoria, Erin, Yours Truly. Picture via Instagram.
Oh, and husbands were invited but Marshall stayed home since he had duty the night before and was wiped out from the lack of sleep over that week! This was on a Friday night and he had some late nights at work, plus duty. Jes' husband did make it  out though! It was at this cute little chapel on Coronado Island and was absolutely precious and so sweet! Fun times!
So after the reveal, Erin and I made the drive back home to O'side, since we live minutes from eachother, which is nice! On the way back, we made a little stop at Sprinkles in La Jolla, since it's right off the highway. We luckily caught the place right before it's closed, and I can never pass up an opportunity to have a famous cupcake...

This little bake shop is tiny! Seriously, it's itsy bitsy. All of the locations I've been to thus far have been. But it was still cute!
I also decided to get a doggy cupcake for our Scruffy pup, so when I got home that night I told her she was getting a treat. She wouldn't stop chasing me around our little abode until I gave it to her, so I got out my camera...

And teased her a little bit. She is a good girl, sitting still except her tail that's pounding, staring intently at her treat. Smart pups. After a minute she started licking the pupcake because there is only so much discipline she can handle with yummy food right in front of her face, so I caved and gave it to her, not without a picture of course.

Needless to say, she loved it. Happy Scruffy pup! Such a sweet face. We love our dog, and she takes the most precious pictures ever! I think we are a little biased though, but can you resist that face?!!
Yes, she is also standing by some of Marshall's gear that's made a permanent home in our living room.
And here is the cupcake I picked up...Cuban Coffee. I've been on a real coffee fix lately, which has granted me more awake time and earlier mornings, so I'll take it. I loved getting this mix of spice, coffee, and chocolate all in one sweet little cupcake from the world's first cupcakery. It was a good night!

So I'll try to post more often now but if you've been reading, life is a little crazy with being in the midst of my final weeks of college (finals are nearly here...) plus working and an internship.. So no promises here!



  1. Thank you for including our gender reveal in your post!!! We were so happy you all came to celebrate with us. That was so so special!!! I can't wait for you all to meet Carter!!

  2. That cupcake looks tasty!!!

  3. Guess I am not the only one missing from Blogland! Looks like you ladies had fun at the gender reveal. Wish I was there to join you guys but I was busy! Let me know when you have a space in your schedule so we can check out Temecula! :)

  4. I've never been to a gender reveal, but they look like fun!


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