exploring up the west coast (part 1)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This post is basically going to be a photoblast, because I took oh so many pictures during our Easter weekend road trip up the coast and can't wait to share them. This is a beautiful part of the country we live in, y'all. San Diego has nothing on the Salinas Valley - Wow! We loved it, and I encourage everyone who has the opportunity to take a road trip at least 5 hours up the west coast on highway 101. We absolutely loved it, and Scruffy had a puppy blast too. She loves road trips and being outside with us, and was so much fun to have along for the ride.
There's a lot of Torrey Pines (trees) out here on the west coast; I remember Torrey Pines State Park in the SD area. Such a neat park, and it had a little coffee shop and music stage on the site as well. Perfect for a summer day!

Exploring downtown Monterey - oh, so beautiful!

I said these pictures are a little out of order; This was driving up the coast on the way to Monterey and Salinas. I felt like this picture was just a glimpse of what it feels like to drive through the famous Redwoods further north in the state. I'm hoping for that road trip this summer!

This land is so beautiful! I would never tire of that view; We were in awe of his epic creation during the entire trip.

Something I heard about on a Netflix documentary; Hearst Castle. This is the visitor's center, and because the tour took a few hours and cost more than we wanted to spend on something like that (Only $25 each but we're cheap I guess), we didn't go. But we could see it from the road and it was quite grand - One day I want to go back and tour it! Hearst Castle is part of a state historical monument because of its rich history, designed for a newspaper mogul William Hearst in the 20's, where he lived until his passing in the 50's. Oh, and pretty neat - it's housed guests during his lifetime such as Cary Grant and Charles Lindbergh.

The beautiful view near the parking lot of the estate. We were impressed, for sure. This is prime real estate, y'all.

And then we were off! We kept driving and found a lookout to get some good pictures of this view. We just never tired of it, and neither did Scruffy. Isn't it just beautiful?

More driving pictures! I loved the colors of the flowers on the side of the hill; Reminds me of pictures of the Carlsbad Flower Fields which I really want to go to!


This was a neat stone tunnel that literally cut through a large hill on the edge of the coast.

Scruffy is such a cutie!

More pretty views! Driving up the California coast was amazing. Another check off my bucket list!

Lots of hills and pastures - this definitely reminded us some of the Texas Hill Country.
Wide open roads, green hills and pastures in every direction, all of it is farming and agriculture land... Lots of cattle, goats, and horses too... Yeah, it was neat to drive through!

They are such cuties. Marshall posing for a picture with Scruffy by one of the lookout stops. Look at that water - and those rocks - oh my! We absolutely loved this road trip. Also below is originally via Instagram.


The Monterey Bay. So pretty!

I absolutely love this picture! The bright colors of the buildings on the Monterey boardwalk - restaurants, shops, and tourist traps - reflecting off the water. And then Marshall and Scruffy in the picture - my soul is well. Such a beautiful town ,and our sweet Scruffy Spice loved exploring it with us!

I was itching for my coffee fix, so we stopped for lunch/dinner at a local French-inspired café. I loved the presentation of my cappuccino.

'Merica! We got a kick out of seeing this truck with a flag posted on back. This gave Marshall some ideas for his truck, Dale...
Part Two of our roadtrip - celebrating Easter and another check off the California livin' bucket list - will come soon!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! :)

  2. Love your pictures! I miss living on the west coast...even just being a little further in (Nevada) isn't the same. Glad you had a good trip :)

  3. That part of the state is just lovely! We went on a big trip that way in high school and did a few times as a kid. Glad you got to experience it too.

  4. My in-laws live just north of San Francisco, and it is gorgeous up there! I've only been to Monterrey once and it was more of a quick stop for dinner with friends, but I'd love to go back and check out more. My husband also has a hitch to hold flags on the back of his truck. His can hold 3. It's slightly obnoxious, but at the same time, he uses it more than you'd think.


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