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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Well, here it is. After about a month and a half, I've come to realize that it's about time to get back into gear and end that blogging hiatus I went on. And there's been a lot of affirmation about it in the past couple weeks... I just had to get to a point where I would be in the right kind of writing mentality I suppose, because yes, I have missed writing. It's not that I haven't been able to, or haven't had anything to post (to be honest- there's tons! summer travels, book reviews, so much). I think it's more because of what I mentioned in my last post at the beginning of the summer- I just needed some time to focus on Marshall and I once he got home, and for some thinking time to myself. To take a break from this online world, and figure out what's next after graduating this past May. Also, the fact that Marshall was away for a while at the beginning of the summer just added to that lack of motivation. Many trips were taken to Downtown Disney and the beach to just get out!

So... affirmation. It's not a word we use too much, but it's there. When I hear that I always think of the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman... One of them is words of affirmation. Last time I took that quiz, after we first moved to the west coast, this was tied as one of my top love languages. So... cool. I guess it makes sense, then, that because I was constantly asked about my writing, blog, and painting - by strangers and family alike -  that I finally realized it was time to get back into it all. Words of affirmation were/are just what I need/ed.

For instance, I know my dad has been asking about my writing - instead of being public lately, I've kept a few notebooks whenever I could. But I just got out of "that zone" for a while since summer has been extremely busy with family visits, Marshall gone periodically, and whatnot..... Motivation was close to nil. It seems like every few days since July came around (wait.. it's August already?!!) someone has asked me about my writing and painting. I haven't painted since the beginning of the summer, post-finals. But I am about to start that again, this week! So Chelsea and Holly - if y'all are reading this - those pet paintings are already traced (oh, they have been for months!) and will be finished (finally) soon!! I know it's taken forever, it feels like.

And yes, I was asked about this little ole blog at least once a week- by a friend, a family member, an email from a stranger, or a comment from a reader. I even met Diedre today about the local (soon-to-be-planned) If: Gathering (y'all gotta read Jennie Allen!) and she asked about my blog, since my email was linked to it. She is a part of the gathering in the Bay Area and was down here to visit with family. It was so nice to just chat! Since moving out here, and especially being so close to downtown, I've been much more open and approachable. I think a lot of it has to do with taking Scruffy for walks (she is a people lover, for sure), being downtown so much with the hustle and bustle, and also finding solace in coffee shops and book shops, asking like-minded people questions about their reads or drinks. I love to talk about books, coffee, and the beach, so y'all, if you're looking for a conversation starter, start there! (These are a few of my favorite things... Anyone catch that?)

As I said, after the beach, I met with Diedre - she is so sweet! I hope I can visit her when/if we make it up to the Bay Area! - Then I even went back to the beach for a little bit of last minute summer reading, and oh, was that refreshing. There is just something about the ocean. I just can't get enough. Afterward I went downtown to pick up some jewelry, did a little bit of walking around ,and also went to the Succulent CafĂ© - absolutely in love with this place- for a little bit of pondering and to finally buy some succulents to display in the window above our sink. I am crazy about it. Pictures will be coming soon.

So that was my day - wait, just my morning! I feel like it should already be dinnertime with everything I feel like I've done so far, but it's only lunch time. Funny how that happens. Now on to the rest of the day.. Writing, reading, and painting. Love that this is my life right now!

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  1. It is lovely to see you "back" here! I read your blog often and so enjoy it and am inspired by it but don't comment often enough. I hope that these coming days and weeks are lovely for you! Excited to have you "back" to this space!
    :) Rebecca


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