75% of the past year (well...while I've been away!)

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Well now....
It looks like I haven't been around here since August. Did I read that right?!! It's hard to comprehend how time goes by that fast- was that really eight...maybe nine... months ago? This calls for a {somewhat} quick rundown of what we have been up to... {Many of these highlights are mine, as you can soon tell, but many also include the both of us! Healthy mix of the two..}
August 2014: the best part of this month (in my opinion) was Disneyland for our anniversary (3 yrs!). Then my one semester of grad school started...Also Marshall (& his twin Elaina of course) had a birthday... his golden birthday... 24! I also found a place to get my ACSI certification framed, because it looks so good in blue and is really exciting!
September: we went back home to TX to watch my dad retire from the Army (23 years!) for a fun celebratory weekend, and scouted out areas of the state we want to eventually settle in. Also this month marked 4 years together, since we met!
October: Our sweet friend Holly came in town for a weekend and we surprised another friend from (my second) high school (Tara!) while she was at Fashion Valley (such a fancy name for a giant outdoor mall). Best weekend! Also met the Bethke's (Jesus>Religion book), saw Bethany Hamilton and her new husband speak & saw Kari Jobe in concert- incredible! I also had 3 dr's appts this month so it was kinda busy (I told you I go in a lot).
November: 239th Marine Corps birthday ball!!! Fun night(s) out to celebrate. We actually went to two balls this past season- yes, same dress. Also saw Crowder (DC*B) in concert... something I've wanted to do since 6th grade! (yes, that's 10 years ago) OH BEST PART- my mom, aunt & little cousin were in town and we went to Disneyland for 3 full days & met ALL the princesses! That deserves its own post one day. And advent started which I tried to keep up with this year..
December: Marshall was in the field for the first half of the month so I tried to stay busy with Christmas decorating, finals, and whatnot. Grad classes ended and I finished 2 out of  3 courses for now (It was a wild semester- maybe Ill do it later). Also I saw Kari Jobe & HILLSONG & Bethel Music in concert at Christmasland in L.A.!!! We also stayed home for Christmas (cost etc etc...I know) & I actually decorated a tree all by myself while the stud was away.
January 2015: Scruffy went wild with the new year's fireworks as usual, and we watched the real-people version of 101 Dalmatians on Netflix, plus a few others {yes, that's a highlight!}. Definitely wanted another puppy after that! We went to TX to check out the property we closed on soon before that and saw family for a quick weekend! Also started prepping to co-lead the bible study group I'm a part of on base here. To be honest, it will take me a while to get in the hang of things- still! {And I made the painting shown for the welcome table!}
February: Went to another all-day Ruth study prep, started/attempted to keep up with Lent/Ash Wednesday, went to brunch with the bible study ladies at the Grand Tradition in Fallbrook (you HAVE to go there!), had more doc appts/referrals finally, and went to a few baby showers! Also saw that Frozen Fun was at California Adventure...I think that's until May 15?
March: More bible study prep and background research- this time for Esther, saw the new real-time Cinderella at the AMC at Downtown Disney the day it came out-so good (Anaheim is only an hour away, y'all), and basically had one drs appt per week- it was a lot! It was also my brother's birthday so  I called him while I was at the bookstore, and he just moved to a new town in a new state for a new job so that's good and fun. Michael- I don't remember ever talking to you on the phone for over 20 minutes! What. And get this- I had FOUR doctor's appointments this month. All different docs too. I know, it's crazy.
April: We had something to say.... I'll just let the pictures below talk! Another post will come too. {Only half of the reason I went to the doc so much, actually} Also went to a class for spouses on transition out of the military, which is on the scope of things after Marshall's contract is up sometime (hence the property), went to two more doctors appointments, and really tried to actually clean the house. Also see below pictures and next post (soon anyway) for more....
Yes, this will get an entire dedicated post...to come soon!
Let's just say it's been a while that I've been trying to get back to blogging again- and now I think I'm finally back. At least those bumpdates will keep me on track, right?! Yes, information overload in this giant recap post, but that's to be expected when I've been away for.... 67% (roughly) of a year?!!
Yes, I think I'll definitely post again by the weekend- so be on the lookout y'all!
{Also checkout Etsy--- I'm back there too!}


  1. Congratulations on the wonderful news of a brand new baby to come. God's blessings spills over into our lives in so many different forms. Sometimes, it is hard to take it all in. It is good to sit down and write and share about His blessings in our lives.

  2. I'm so excited for you, Katherine! Babies are so fun - so hard, but so wonderful :)

  3. So glad to see you back in the blogging world! You have a lot of exciting things in store in the future!

  4. Wow welcome back and CONGRATS!!! I've missed your posts. Looks like you've been crazy busy!!!


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