Hello June!

Monday, June 1, 2015

There's been quite a bit going on lately... And I haven't been around this little blog as much as I was planning on. So a few things we are up to...
Right now I'm in the midst of a spring cleaning overhaul of sorts- books, craft things, old clothes, and things we (I) have just collected over the years. I've always seemed to have a hard time parting with things- I keep pictures, old wrapping paper, construction paper, knick knacks, around for who knows how long because I might need it one day for a craft! So this past week I have taken four boxes of "craft supplies" and narrowed it down to one quilting/sewing box, one other crafts box, and one small box of paints (and canvases). There was much more than just a couple Rubbermaid tubs or organization bins worth of it- say three LARGE packing boxes worth- so I felt pretty accomplished at how much bigger the laundry room/storage room felt after I finished that! Though there is still a lot to just sort through...Since I finished the closets and bookcases, it's really only the laundry/storage room left. I don't know how many times I've gone down the road to the park n ride lot to drop off boxes of knick knacks and clothes and books to donate! (There is a donation drop off container there! So convenient)
We have our property in Texas and are looking into buying a house in town- we have basically found what we wanted, we just need to wait to get it checked out and all.. And then if we are sure, move forward sometime this summer. We will see how all pans out in God's timing but it is really exciting to think about buying a home soon! Since we are able to move home once Marshall gets out of the military sometime in the very near future, we are starting to look a little more seriously about where we are living! (I know, still vague, that's just how it goes waiting on the military)
Katherine Newsom's photo.Our little Newsom is today at 18 and a half weeks along, and we are just so excited to meet him this October! Our blessing is growing and growing, and that baby bump is getting to be much more noticeable than before. I am now past that chubby/bloat stage... Honestly, I feel like I did start showing early on but that was more based on how much I ate that day, even though some of it was maybe still a bump! Especially being more petite than not, little one is easier to notice. He is the first grandbaby in our immediate family so there is much anticipation! It will also be good to be in our home state for the end of the pregnancy (God willing), and to be around family to help and visit with more often than not! God's timing is never what we think we want, but is always what we need! We are very thankful for His Hand in all of this, as we can already see.
{And we do have a name but that's a special secret for a variety of reasons, to most-- we've known his name for a long time, since we were dating, to be honest. I think we can keep it quiet for a little longer! And yes I already made him a monogram painting!}
Other than all that, I am still painting (finishing up pop art I started last year..), taking certification courses online (so yes, I'm still in school), and in the midst of a lot of waiting for doctor's appointments, still. Last month was much slower with only one appointment, but this month (June) I have FOUR! Again! By this point I am used to going into the naval hospital so often, especially because I need to be watched closely in pregnancy by my different doctors, but it does get to be a lot and often overwhelming. Good news about this- we get two different ultrasounds of our little boy this month! Spoiled!
I would also like to ask for prayers- I've been looking at jobs/outlook for that time when we are moving home and have been nervous about finding something so late into the pregnancy (by that point) being high-risk --- or with a newborn! So this has led to a slightly different search and I have found a public school online in Texas, which I applied to, and interviewed last week! I am currently waiting for an email about a second interview...and it's SO suspenseful! Having this job would be an incredible blessing and would fit just right into our changing family dynamic, because I would be able to teach grades 3-5 in a distance-online-classroom using blackboard and the like (basically, it's set up how my school was with Liberty Univ.). Meaning I would stay home with our little one while working, and once a month or so travel the state (road trip!) to meet with students and do testing and the like. It's good news all around, other than the waiting part-- to hear back. We seem to always be in a season of waiting! So we would really appreciate prayers for this- each of our job outlooks and how everything will fit into the changes going on in our little family! We know that in His time God will bring us the home and jobs and orders we need, so we are trying not to get ahead of ourselves! I still struggle with this. The unknown is really stressful at times!
The other week, we took a road trip up to Sonoma/San Francisco/etc areas... California is really a beautiful place! The entire area was overcast, rainy, and cloudy most of the time, so we weren't able to get as "pretty" pictures as we have seen previously, but we saw it! That's another thing checked off the bucket list. We didn't spend any time in the city- just drove through it- so there were a few things there that we didn't see. Such as the Ghiradehlli restaurant, Stinky Rose (garlic) restaurant, the fisherman's wharf, Alcatraz, and the Walt Disney Family Museum. But that was my list- and since we didn't really care for the city- we drove right past it all. Who knows if one day we might vacation to northern California again.... eventually! We did drive on the Golden Gate Bridge which was cool! Yet maybe one day we can walk on it too, there is a lot to see with different plaques and memorials along the way about those who built the bridge.
 Later I'll post more of all the little road trips we've taken and activities and such.... Mostly pictures. I've been very sporadic with this blog because of everything going on with us right now and trying to figure out how this little blog will fit into it all, while also trying to keep a focus. I don't want to be all over the board with the writing so I'm thinking this will be more for family, faith, and travel updates-which makes much more sense than what I've done in the past, sponsoring and recipes and posts "just because" - without a set purpose.


  1. The public school online sounds like a great option! Praying for you that you'll get it!

  2. Fingers crossed for you!! :)

  3. So much has happened since last time i was on here!! Hurray for a baby boy and moving home! My hubby is separating this year as well and we are so excited to get back to family. Good luck and prayers for the job.

  4. Your bump looks so cute! Saying a prayer that you get that job!

  5. I'm a little late to the party but Congratulations on your little boy! Good luck on the job!


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