Quick Recap: 3 trips to DISNEYLAND!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Within the same year (2014),  I went to Disneyland a total of THREE times! And each was so, so fun. Currently we live just an hour from Anaheim -which is like no drive at all, compared to what it could be, if you know anything about socal traffic -so why wouldn't we? Here are some pictures and snippets from each...

First trip: New Years 2014
On this trip, Marshall & I just drove up to Anaheim and stayed at Disneyland for the day. We didn't want to stay the night yet, because we had 3-day park hopper passes and wanted to divide up our trips. It was a full day, my camera wasn't working, but we definitely did a lot in such a short time!(At this point we were living in California for just under a year... and we finally made it!) Before this, the only other time I've been to Disneyland was in high school band- we marched the Rose Bowl Parade in 2007, and all those involved went to the park for a day!
Second trip: Anniversary/Birthdays 2014 (August)
This trip was definitely more planned! I took advantage of the ITT services on base and booked us a one-night stay at the Grand Californian hotel, connected to the Disney California Adventure park! Other than our honeymoon it was surely the nicest hotel stay we've had, despite it being so short. Such a beautiful hotel which takes so much inspiration from the Redwoods and various national parks in the state, seen in their décor. It was so nice to have short lines to get in the park through the hotel and to be able to go back midday for naps! We sure had fun.
Third trip: Girls'/Family Trip/Cousin's Bday (November '14)
I was so excited for the planning stages of this trip as soon as we found out we had family coming! My little cousin was having a birthday and she was just the perfect age to explore Disneyland and get a lot out of it - not too young, not too old. It was a surprise, too. (Trip consisted of my mom, aunt, cousin, and myself) This time we used the 3-day military hopper pass deals as well and explored Disneyland more than the other park- that's where all the princesses were, of course. We also were able to get pictures with all 13 of them! Love this photo with the statue of Walt & Mickey, and the castle behind us.
This doesn't include the handful of times I went just to Downtown Disney.....
First time: Seeing Maleficent at the AMC when it came out! (May '14)
Marshall was away for a month and Maleficent released in that time, so I did what anyone who lived within an hours' drive of Disneyland would do.... I drove out to spend the day in Downtown Disney! Then I saw one of the first showings of the movie at the AMC there. It was a nice, relaxing, people-watching day. And it wasn't too crazy yet for summer!
Second time: Seeing Cinderella at the AMC when it came out! (March '15)
{Yes, this was at the theatre there... Just believe me it was!}
This time I just decided to head to Anaheim early in the morning to see Cinderella the day after it released- the theatre was packed, as was Downtown Disney in general----this was the timing of spring break, for many. In this trip I also was able to explore those fun Pandora charms and found a brand-new one for my friend Holly. Asking about it gave me a new button: "Honorary citizen of Disneyland." I don't have a picture of that, but it will surely show up on google. How neat! {Anyone else collect buttons from the parks?!}
Some photos from the trips...
"Adventure is out there!" At the California Adventure park, there was an entire camp based off Russell's boy-scout-ness in the movie Up! Love that movie- this reminds me that I need to watch it again.

Their eyes were screens and the animatronics on the cars were so detailed.. It was just like watching the movie Cars! (Also California Adventure)

So cool lit up at night- In my opinion, the only time to go explore Cars Land (in the California Adventure park) Fun that the café was set up as a gas station- you know, because they are cars.

A talking and moving and blinking Olaf on top of the snow on the buildings in Fantasyland.. This was the spot where the Frozen meet & greet was, though I've heard it's moved since then. The last day, as soon as we arrived, we ran to this section in order to get Fastspasses to meet Elsa & Anna. You could see all the dads of little Elsa's were running to get in line as well- those tickets ran out just in the first couple hours (and some little girls were very upset at that!). Hopefully now there are multiple and more efficient locations. It was a little crazy!

A different view of the Sleeping Beauty castle...

Teapots!! So fun! The Mad Hatter store was next to this, which housed some of the most unique Mickey ears and hats! Some of which you can only find there. These teapots are where I met Pluto & he sat in our teacup when I was at this park in high school. Such a fun photo- if I can find it somewhere that is!

Entrance to Tomorrowland & Matterhorn bobsleds- neat shot!

Storybook canal- this slow water ride was a nice little break from all the walking. Kind of really enjoyed it!

Love the balloons! Had to get a creative-like shot (I try)

Neat water & lights show... Frozen was center stage!

I had to at least attempt to do the smolder with Rapunzel & Eugene...

We had to get Fastpasses to meet Elsa & Anna.. they have their own private room and everything (they are so popular- as previously mentioned).. Not sure if they've changed how they do meet & greets now. Elsa said that she still hasn't exactly approved of Kristoff & Anna's wedding yet.. I asked!

I asked Mickey to strike a pose after we got a group shot with him in his house in Toontown!
I may have another post later on with more details about where and when we were able to find all 13 princesses and get photos and signatures... But that's for another day. (In the meantime the site Disneyland Prep School has everything you need to know & more! There is also one for WDW)
There was so much more to these Disney trips than just a couple photos! In total, during the past 2 years I've gone to Disneyland for six different days and spent some time in Downtown Disney during all of those days plus a couple more. It's been fun and I can say now that I am perhaps Disneyland-park-ed-out.. And ready to move on to bigger and better things...  Disney World in Florida! I wonder when we will be able to make it out there.... So much more to see!

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  1. I've never been to Disneyland but I've been to Disney World. Honestly, I prefer a local theme park called Holiday World over Disney. Cheaper, less crowds, and cleaner!


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