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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I just knew it from the start. When we started talking about having a child a few years ago, I just knew our first was going to be a boy. Maybe it was a mother's intuition or a nagging feeling or maybe I just convinced myself so much because I thought it would be best (just right) for us, knowing us - a firstborn son. But I just knew it a long time ago. And in fact, we knew his name before we were even married - if you knew us then, while we were dating, you may have a guess or two on why or how - but we aren't sharing that yet. It was kind of an unspoken agreement- we only had to bring it up briefly once, and it just made sense. We know his name, and we know we will have a boy - so why wouldn't our firstborn truly be a boy? There is just something about all of this... how wonderful it is! When we were driving back from the doctor's appointment a few weeks ago, where we sat through an extremely long anatomy ultrasound - everything was measured and checked to see how our little man is growing (he is perfect!) - there was no question about it. We immediately started calling him by name. And there were a few times when we thought to sit on it and see if it's right... but it didn't take long to realize that it is.
It's funny in some ways, because I started calling him by name as soon as we found out we were expecting. Because we've known the name for so long, and because I've just known, without a doubt - anyone else ever feel that way? - that we were having a boy, I've been calling him "little man" and by his name for months and months.
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We are now at 21 weeks - today! - with our little man, which is just over 5 months along. It is incredible to think that we are already halfway to seeing his sweet face for the first time! (Other than on an ultrasound!) When we were at the doctor's appointment a few weeks ago and saw him, I was really surprised that we were able to see him in 4D as well - we were able to get some good pictures of his sweet face. He is definitely a Newsom baby - the cheekbones and forehead tell it all! He already takes after his daddy, wiggling his fingers in the womb - "spirit fingers" - just like he says he did when he was little. It is really exciting to think of what his personality will be like - which family members he will take after - even what color hair he will have. It could be red, brown, or blonde... We carry the traits of all. And will his eyes be brown, green, or blue?? I wonder!! How sweet it will be, the day we meet him!
Already, baby showers are being planned and registries are scanned and a few clothes are sitting on a shelf. Already we have a convertible crib, glider, and changing table. We even have his first little Aggie jersey (ebay) and Aggie hat (thanks mom!) - as well as a onesie with the state of Texas (Etsy!) on it, because it's all kind of a given., knowing us... All of our parents are just over the moon and excited for this new season, and my mom even has some baby gear ready for him, whenever we visit- which will be nice not to have to carry around some things in travel! (like a jumper, playpen, swim gear, etc) At this point, knowing how much time we still have to meet him, we feel set now on prepping for baby.. Once we are home somewhat soon and get into the third trimester around that time, baby prep will be in full swing again. It will be so fun to be able to put together his nursery with the help of family around, and to be back and able to see everyone in driving distance - and a couple more baby showers, too.
This is such a sweet season we are entering into now! It is hard to explain how it feels knowing that you carry a little life inside of you - a little perfect heartbeat, which sounds so different from mine with my history - and knowing that he is the first of the next generation of our family... The first grandbaby! We feel so blessed to finally be given this gift of a little life, and everyday give thanks to the One who made it possible (Psalm 139). Our season of waiting is over, and this new season of expectancy is here! Knowing and hearing time and again the wonder from my docs that I was a miracle baby makes me even more grateful for this little baby I'm blessed to be able to carry and bear. Yes, having anywhere from 2-5 doctor's appointments a month is truly exhausting and a bit daunting, but it's worth it.  (There's another one tomorrow actually!) Baby and I are being well taken care of, and the constant check-ins (and long drives that go along with them) might be tiresome but definitely put me at ease knowing that we are both doing well. And a bonus, we get an ultrasound each month because of this! Getting to see him more often than not is definitely a blessing, and we are so excited for the day this fall when we will meet him for the first time and look into his sweet face!
You are so very loved, little one.


  1. Aw, I agree with everything about this post. So sweet! I am 28 weeks today, and it's so surreal but such an amazing feeling. Also, we always knew we would have a girl first - and we are! Too funny. We had a name picked out for years, though, but then we changed it on a whim to something that just feels better for her (to us!) :)

  2. Aww, I loved reading this post! So happy for you!


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