Baby Update etc.: Weeks 25-32

Sunday, September 6, 2015

I know the last post was over a month ago, but that's just how things have been this year- busy. This past month, plus a few days, we have been in-between homes and starting to settle in to a new way of life in the new region we will be calling home... because yes, we are finally living back home in Texas!!
So the weeks since my last post: 25-32, which is this week...that would be the end of month 5 and into month 7...Or about anyhow, depending on how you like to count the pregnancy, since 38 weeks is full term technically. I tend to overthink things like this too, and weeks seem to be a bit easier to go by for me. Baby boy is due October 28, so we have just under 2 months left until he is here! {I have been feeling great! Just into a schedule with eating-still bland foods- and bathroom breaks, and moving much slower.. The wobble-stage has begun...I have to take things slow!}
Week 25... This was taken at the Botanical Gardens in Encinitas (back in San Diego)
Just a couple weeks before we moved...

So we left California on July 31st and were on the road for about a week, since we stopped to see family on the way. At that time we were at the brink of the third trimester... After we were back in our home state for a couple weeks, we had a baby shower planned for Houston! I sure do miss it down there- mostly for its proximity to the beach. I finished high school down there about 25 or so minutes from the coast.. my parents somewhat recently moved into their new home just a couple minutes from the beach. So it was fun exploring their new town and seeing a whole new side to the gulf coast than we knew before! We took family pictures at sunset at a really nice beach there and I made one of them into the "bump" photo... I know I missed a few weeks between this and the previous one but now you can see a change in how baby boy has grown.

It was also our anniversary that weekend of the Houston area baby shower, so we finally were able to have some professional photos taken of the two of us during the family photos my mom planned. We all wore white and khakis- matchy matchy. August 14th we celebrated 4 years of marriage! We drove around Kemah, found some fun new restaurants, and explored the boardwalk and beach nearby. It was a nice quiet day. Definitely a vacation weekend.
So the photos turned out really great, and I didn't know how pink the Seabrook sunsets could get... After all, before I only knew Galveston, and those beaches are pretty filthy (well, the tourist-y ones by the Strand anyway) compared to some of the other coastal towns down the road.

These two pictures are my favorite ones of Marshall & I. I'm thinking one of these would be nice to have on a canvas... Well, I'll figure it out once we move into our new house, but quite a few of these pictures will be framed anyway! You can also notice in these that sometimes it is difficult to see baby bump- as petite as I am somehow baby still hides in there. Certain days he pokes out and moves around more, and others he is sitting really low and far back that it just looks like bloat. He is moving a lot but the way he sits is fairly inconsistent... I've been told by passersby that I barely look pregnant- how could I be due next month?! And I've also been told that I look huge- then they asked where my parents were. Guess we still look like we are in high school, too...

I took a screenshot of the baby app a couple of days ago.. We are in week 32 currently, which means there are only 2 months to go! I've been planning out baby's room in my head and cannot wait till we can get into our house in the next couple weeks to set it all up- and get out household goods out of storage! Later this week we have an appointment at the hospital where baby will be born to get registered there- a room needs to be available, after all- take a tour, look over a birth plan, and do all that fun stuff. There we get to schedule with a doctor and count down the weeks until baby comes. Little Newsom is due in 52 days!
Switching doctor things when moving, especially when it includes switching health insurance, finding the right kind of doctors, being in the third trimester---  has been somewhat difficult... When I was looking at doctors, I was trying to find ones who were on both insurance plans- and near our new home, an hour from where we are now- so that I won't have to switch docs again once we switched plans and moved. The only doctor who was doesn't see pregnant patients for primary care. So I had to just go ahead and switch. But then the new primary care doctor didn't want to send me to an OB and get acquainted with labor & delivery at a hospital---which should definitely be happening by the third trimester, if having a baby at a hospital---just bizarre to me. I know it can be difficult to find doctors accepting new patients at times, especially this late in a pregnancy, but there should not be over a month delay in doing so, especially being high-risk and knowing how closely I was followed in San Diego. SO I kind of took charge and found the hospital I wanted with the specialist OBs that I needed in our new area and went ahead to schedule an appointment to get registered at the hospital- it turns out there were docs accepting new patients, just in a different hospital system. Whew. I wasn't expecting to deal with that!
So anyway, this week we have the baby appointment at the hospital he will be born and I'm really excited!! I was looking at a birth plan I found the other day at and was getting into the mindset of baby coming soon... Less than 8 weeks... We have so much to do! Also I had to look up many of the terms in that plan, because well, I haven't had an OB visit or been to L&D  yet in order talk about birth... Lots of things that go into it that I just didn't know before simply because we haven't been there yet. Ladies, if you are expecting- look at this birth plan!
I have tried to not overthink things and worry about how this transition process is still going, but it's been difficult when we just want to be in our home, be ready for baby's arrival - have it all set up at the hospital, and get into a routine of sorts with work and whatnot (as you can clearly see). We have been out of California for a month and a week at this point and are still in that transition stage, waiting. Which by this point I've learned to (try to) stop asking questions and worrying.. Just let it happen as it comes (and pray pray PRAY) since there's not much I can do-only God knows- other than do what I can for the hospital stuff (which is going) and baby crafts... Speaking of which...
I made our little one a desk chair. Well, he probably won't be sitting in it at all, it will likely just be on a shelf or a bookcase with a stuffed animal sitting in it! There is the sweetest little shop called Vintage Charm near our new home that sells antiques, refinished furniture, and knick knacks/d├ęcor... I absolutely love places like that. They also offer chalk paint/furniture classes once a month, so yesterday I took one of their classes and learned some techniques to make old furniture look new. While there I found this sweet mini desk chair for baby's room to fix up!! I just couldn't resist....
I really enjoy the process of refinishing and painting furniture (I've done a rocking chair & desk before too) so I am considering if there is something more I can do with it...We will see how things go! That's kind of been my motto lately, but it's true. There is so much waiting and patience and learning happening during this time of transition that we just have to... wait... and see... how God will provide!

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