Our LAST Move (during the 3rd trimester!)

Monday, October 12, 2015

It has been pretty hit or miss around here considering the time I've had to be online, let alone on this little blog. There have been so many other things going on that I've put this on the backburner lately! Which is good for a time... It's been nice not having the number of posts per week or this or that about the blog "define" how I go about my day and spend my time lately- as all bloggers can testify that this happens at times. Even when I'm asked about it (or those bump pictures), I just answer there isn't a time right now to do so with everything else going on- I'll get around to it when I get to it! We have other priorities at this point!

So what have we been up to since we made it back to Texas early August? Has it really been 2 months we've been back home?!! Well... It wasn't exactly up to us when we were to move- we wanted to do so in June, but had to wait till late July. That's just how the military works- getting every last drop out of you until your time is up- so by that perspective, we are so relieved (grateful) that now we have more time for us and family and life. And there's been a lot and not so much going on, all at once...

In short- big picture, here- there's been a few baby showers, seeing friends and family we haven't in years, lots of doctor's appointments and sorting all that out, pre-registering at the hospital, taking and passing a certification test (whoop!), looking for jobs, exploring our new home and town, much house hunting, waiting on a few houses we weren't able to get, waiting to close on the house we did get, moving in (and still moving in) to our first home & now we're on baby watch!

What a mouthful. We closed on our new home September 30th and moved in a few days later once we were able to get our things out of storage. Being nearly 8 months pregnant, I wasn't exactly keen on sleeping on the floor in an empty house (It sure wasn't fun to do so in July back in California, for a week).. So we waited just a bit! Which was hard to do- the waiting continued. We have been intensely house hunting since early August and nearly 2 months later were able to buy/close and move into our home. It was a long time- from the start of the third trimester, literally! The timing for the moving was fun for sure, but we are so glad to finally be unpacked and settling in (even with piles of things on the floor still). Since we've been here for just over a week and a half now... we sure have been busy. Marshall is still working a distance away until he finds something closer, and I am finally able to nest and get ready for baby- who is really due to come anytime between now and his due date on the 28th of this month- it doesn't sound like the doctor will let him stay into November, which is fine by me.

This week on Wednesday we will be 38 weeks, which is actually full term- so that's definitely eye-opening. That day I'm also going to get his car seat inspected- they actually do that kind of thing- because I really didn't know what I was doing attempting to follow youtube videos to put it in the car. I admit that! We are also to the point where I am going to see the baby doctor once a week, to check in on how baby is doing (head down!) and see how I'm doing as we are approaching his due date and impending labor... It's still a little surreal that baby will be here in just over 2 weeks or less or more. We have the bigger things needed for baby in place and are pre-registered at the hospital, but still have piles of books and things on the floor because we are still unpacking and finding where to put things- waiting on more furniture, too. There are a few more baby things we'd like before he's here but I'm not panicking... It's kind of a crazy time and a bit hard to think about baby being here for another week and a half or so, once we will have all of our furniture and whatnot in place (finally!) Maybe at that point I'll panic! Ha!

We are in a more rural area than not- so different from what we were used to the past 4 years living by base- being about 20 minutes outside of town (and a small one at that). Which is so great - and quiet!!! - but also a bit of a distance away from the doctor. Baby boy will be born in the "bigger city" about an hour away from our home, which means that when it's baby time, we will be headed to the hospital sooner than others who live closer may, for that drive alone. Which is totally fine- we are mentally preparing ourselves for that. And it's a really beautiful drive out here in east Texas. We just need to get little details figured out which will come in time. It really feels like it's so far away- maybe because there is a lot we are waiting on and would like to get done beforehand. But then again......
Anyway, more updates (and photos this time) to come soon!

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  1. I can't believe baby Newsom will be here so soon!!! Prayers for a safe and easy delivery, Momma! (Secretly, I hope he's born on the 29th because that's my boyfriend's birthday!)


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