Belated Baby Bumpdates: Weeks 33-38

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It has been quite some time since I have been on here... and for very good reason...
Being mid December, we have done a lot since a few months ago, my last update. Quick rundown: last baby shower, bought a house and moved, had baby, then the holidays began. Okay, so it's not really a rundown but that's what has essentially occurred. The purpose of this post is to finally catch up on the final weeks of pregnancy bumpdates with little Newsom.... Then in later posts (which there surely won't be as much time inbetween them all now!) I will fill all in on the details: birth story, new house, holidays back home, starting our farm, book reviews... all the juicy stuff I've been meaning to write about lately, yet just haven't gotten to yet. Life happens, y'all. We will see how it all goes in this new season- these posts will surely come soon! Onward...

Week 34+3 days..
This was taken as we were all cleaning up from the last baby shower family hosted for us out here in east Texas in September. SO FUN seeing everyone and actually being back in Texas! And not having to leave again! Whoop! It all worked out so that once we arrived in state, there'd be just enough time for showers, house hunting, and moving before its time for baby. And that dress? It's from PinkBlush - which I am so glad I found- this site has the cutest ever maternity clothes, as well as a regular women's clothing "sister shop" - for lack of a better term at 4am! The clothes are basically the same at each, just some are maternity sized and some aren't. The absolute most comfortable clothes I have ever owned!!! I have been very into floral lately, and the fabric on this dress is extremely breathable! A must when you are pregnant through the summer.. especially that Texas heat!

These photos above are the last bump photos I took! Little guy was 38 weeks on October 13th. Six days before he was born. Our little pumpkin!

This photo below was taken with family days before baby was born. We kind of like this one! I don't remember the exact date other than it was literally a couple days or so before we met our little one. Anyway I loved this maternity shirtdress and wore leggings with it- SO comfortable! This was from a Destination Motherhood outlet I found out in CA a few months ago. I only wore it a handful of times but it was an absolute must because I have been looking for a shirtdress for years- literally- and this one can easily be worn with or without a bump! Anyway, it is a sweet photo with my mom, the last one captured with her and the baby bump! At this point I had swollen feet, wobbled, and couldn't really stand for more than a few minutes at a time. And I ate six (or more?) hot dogs within minutes for lunch that day! Which is unheard of! Those last weeks of pregnancy- I seriously could not stop eating. Anyone who knew me growing up was shocked, I usually pick at my food and fill up fairly quick. Baby boy was hungry!

The last 7 or so weeks of pregnancy went by fairly quick but also slow... It really depended on what was happening at the time.  Only the last few days did I seriously wish baby would come now- at my last OB appointment,  I was so swollen, that we went ahead and scheduled an induction a week earlier than my due date, then I went to get a pedicure. Ladies- an absolute must during the last leg of your pregnancy. The sore and swollen feet were relieved for only a couple hours surrounding that wondrous event (I only get my nails done once a year... if ever!) so I knew it was just about time for baby.

 This here is the last ultrasound we got of baby. I didn't realize we would get another 4D so it was definitely a surprise! This was in those last few weeks {October 9th} - just look at those chubby cheeks!

Anyway as mentioned, at the last OB appointment in mid October (I think it was the 14th?), we scheduled an induction for October 22nd. My doctor suggested the 21st but I like even numbers better! Remember the original due date was October 28th? Well, I was already dilated 3cm, so she didn't think the baby would wait any longer than that... And because we live an hour away from the hospital (at that point we were in our own home! Yay!) - and how low baby already was - the doctor preferred for us to be on the schedule rather than drive as baby comes.... But God and our little one had other plans....

{Birth story to come next!}

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