2016: a year of high highs and low lows

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2016 didn't exactly go as planned. Well, parts of it, at least. Maybe that's why I haven't written since March, and the only two posts I've written early this year (wait a minute- last year) were Taylor's birth story, and thoughts on how foolish April 1st can truly be.

There was a lot of good, which is what I've shared here, but there is also some not-that-great-let's-be-honest-HARD stuff that's happened to us as well, which I'm not going to get into that much of right now. Some of it, maybe.

SO: with that very quick synopsis, here's a {very} quick review of our year (that I can remember! Ha!), the highs and the lows:

January: Taylor's first New Year! We also went on numerous walks down the quiet county roads...

February: We went on a Valentine's Day road trip to Duck Commander in Louisiana.... it was a Sunday, which means it was closed. Oh, and we also somehow found where the Robertsons live.... yep!

March: We went to Seabrook (where my parents live) for a marathon which Marshall ran in! Oh, and this ADORABLE picture of Taylor amidst bluebonnets happened.

April: We visited the Mineola Nature Preserve, the Mercy Ships HQ in Lindale, and the Compassion Experience tour in Hawkins. I can share more about these specifically in later writings and photos. So awesome. For now, a photo of the nature preserve:

May: Taylor made some beautiful Mother's Day paintings for G-ma and Sha-Nana, and really learned how to relax poolside... We had fun outside this month!

June: Taylor made some cool Father's Day cards,  we spent lots of time at the park...

July: Back to Seabrook again!! This time we saw my brother and his then-fiancé!! Taylor also went to his first First Monday in Canton, which could use a post all it's own... the ultimate once-a-month shopping destination in east Texas!

August:  I was busy all month getting ready for my first time teaching, which didn't entirely go as planned, but you know what - I've found peace in that. Other than the trainings and first couple weeks, its a blur! But this I do know: Marshall & I were married 5 years this past August! So of course, I snapped a picture of then vs. now...

September: We went on a road trip to Florida for my brother's wedding!!

October: We had Taylor's FIRST birthday party at our land!!

November: We went to Arkansas for Thanksgiving!!! Loads of fun!!!

December: We started the month back to Houston for a beautiful wedding.

Got our little place ready to move in (see above - more on that soon!)

And then something happened....

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