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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I've asked around on Facebook for any questions people may have on tiny living.... Here I've answered some of those questions. And in between all of that, there are pictures of the inside of our little home. I'm planning on going more in depth with a tour later - I'm thinking it may be better as a video tour (my first VLOG!) - what do y'all think?!! Also, looking at the pictures in order, they are taken one after the other, panoramic-like of the inside. It was also Taylor's naptime when I took them, hence the crib/blankets.

So here we start with a picture of the outside of our home.. Back when it snowed in Texas!
+Why did y'all decide to live tiny?
We really wanted/needed to be on our land! We have watched the show Tiny House Nation on HGTV for quite some time and were always intrigued. A few things happened last year that caused us to make a decision --- It was now or never, to move onto our land --- and tiny living was the quickest/most effective way to do so. (See past blog posts for details on 2016)
+Does it affect Taylor's sleep at all? Janelle @ Come Fly With Us
Taylor's sleep honestly depends on his day, from everything we can tell. When he is out, he is out. There is no use trying to be loud to wake him up (or too quiet to not wake him up?) for the first half of the night. We don't have to worry about volume on movies or even lights at that point. (Yes, we made sure when he was little we didn't try to be quiet around him sleeping... So that he would actually be able to fall asleep anywhere!) Yet, the days that he isn't just plain exhausted... which isn't often... It sure does. He can see us from his crib (on the opposite end of 24ft...Unlike the picture we usually have him "in the kitchen" at night) so he knows if we are trying to just "ignore him" and try to sleep. (We also put blankets over his crib to block out the light some. He is a really easy sleeper! Can't complain there)
+Where do your pets sleep?
During the day, Scruffy & Trouble get away with sleeping on our bed.. At night, Scruffy sleeps on a long Aggie pillow I had in my dorm room in college. She won't be just on the floor, unless she is in the corner underneath our bed. Trouble generally sleeps at the end of our bed. And we have a full size bed, so it's not like there is extra room... We are just small people and don't mind the tight space! Our pets are a bit spoiled.
+Where will Taylor sleep when he is out of the crib?

We have been looking into this lately!! It's only been a couple days of research, so we don't have a solid plan yet, but we have been looking into travel toddler beds on Amazon - to get a feel for what's out there. We've seen blow up mattresses - um, no - and we've seen cots - not sure about that. Our plan is to find a toddler bed that can just be folded up & moved underneath our bed during the day, out of the way. When we get to that point--- I'll be sure to mention something about it. It will be a BIG deal!
+How long do we plan on tiny living?
We will see how things go :) It will definitely be a couple years, 5 years, who knows. We have a list of things we need to do before we build a home: a few legal things, sell or rent our other house, get a new survey for our full 46 acres, refinance, pay off maybe a few things. But we are planning on building a house literally next door - which means in the place of the old house that's on the property ---- in 5-10 years likely. And we will take what we've learned from tiny living in designing the house, which means there will be absolutely no wasted space... And we will save money by having a purpose for every little inch! A purposeful home! At that point, this cabin will probably turn into an office/guest house. That is up for debate.
+Are we going to build a porch for outdoor eating?
I originally thought a porch would be a wonderful idea, but once we think more on it... We don't really need one. We have land! Grass, leaves, dirt... As long as we steer clear of ant piles (talking about Taylor here!), we don't see a need for a porch right now. It also makes more sense to have our fire pit, grill, etc, on the ground rather than on a porch.
+Does it feel claustrophobic?
That depends on the day! And also if we've put things away in their place. Generally, no. Even with Taylor's crib out, toys and shoes on the floor, and Trouble running around, we don't feel cramped at all. We think a lot of that is due to the corrugated metal on the roof. I absolutely love it! IT sure makes it feel tall, and bigger... Perhaps because it reflects light, and in turn doesn't feel like a ship by supplying a contrast to all the wood inside. And... we have 46 acres of land to wander around on. So we can always "escape" ! Being on our property is enough!
+What are you going to use the lofts for?
Right now we use one lofts for electronics and movie storage (and with all the wires attached, it takes up the entire space), and the other loft for Taylor's clothes to grow into and my craft/book storage. We also have Taylor's crib mattress in the loft, since it will do better inside than in the garage (bugs) for storing purposes. There's just a couple feet of space from the loft to the ceiling, so it's not practical to try and make a sitting space up there without extending them, and we just don't want to get into that. We like it how it is....Works great for storage right now, for things we don't want to trek the few yards into the packed-full garage for. (We really don't need that much stuff. I'm serious. Tiny living is freeing) It also works as a brilliant place to mount the TV.. Perfect angle for watching movies.
+Does it feel like you are back in a college dorm?
No it doesn't!! It feels bigger than a dorm, and much nicer. There was only one family that owned it before us, and they finished it out themselves. It was originally bought as a storage shed (well, I guess it is a 12x24 storage shed, even still) and was finished out as a house inside. It is absolutely solid. Insulation, paneling, corrugated metal, stained kitchen cabinets and full size kitchen appliances, full size shower and toilet, full size closet... It was done really well. We love the finishing, and don't mind having a curtain for the entire bathroom area. Plus our colorful curtains for the closet! Not to mention our storage cubes for toys/books/clothes as well. It doesn't really feel like a college dorm since it has everything you need - kitchen included, and we are sharing the space willingly! Ha!
So, what do y'all think? Could you live in a tiny home?! As I've mentioned many times before on Facebook... It is 288 square feet of LOVE!

Coming up soon:

+Downsizing process
  +Day to day life in 288 square feet
+First steps to the farm
+WHY we farm
+What the first month of tiny living has taught us
+The story behind our land

  ....and more!!



  1. We're in the process of saving for camping trailer that will eventually become our full time residence once my husband finishes a couple of years of nursing and can transition to travel nursing. We can't wait and this makes me so excited about it!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! This was REALLY interesting to read!! :) We are in a "sort of similar situation" since we moved into my grandmothers small house in a different state so that I can receive treatment. It's amazing how you adjust and fall in love with the smaller space and also REALLY consider everything you own! Thank you again for sharing!
    Rebecca :)


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