Moving Foward & Dreaming Ahead

Saturday, January 21, 2017

And here we are. Grieving and healing and looking forward in 2017. A new year.

2016 looked nothing like what I thought. Everything seemed to pile up at once... how I'd failed, lost a job, lost our home (well, not lost, but we are trying to sell or rent, we moved out to our new place + onto the land), lost two babies in May & December.. IT just wasn't my year. And contentment? It felt like a sick JOKE.

But we kept going. We keep going. We know there is a purpose to having our land, to moving out here to east Texas a year and a half ago, without any jobs, all the way to buying the tiny house on a whim. Even our land - 46 acres - we bought without even seeing it ourselves. It was meant to be, our new home in east Texas. So we move toward our goal.

The purpose is to start Newsom Natural Farm, as an organic farm servicing Wood County and beyond with dependable, natural produce... But how do we get there?

Little steps, here.

So the tiny house! Downsizing. Being on our land. This is the dream. After our losses, I put all I had into making our tiny house a tiny HOME.

Digging through our garage to separate need vs. not. Learning how much of a weight "stuff" really is.

We thought we were on our way to the farm when I started the job, but that changed. We know this tiny house would be a step into the right direction. Now I can see that organizing and sorting through this clutter in our hearts and mind and garage is the next step toward our dream.

And it's a process.

But doesn't tiny living fit so WELL with going back to the roots, starting a natural farm?!

I want our mission for the farm to be evident in every part of our lives. And I know Marshall will agree. This is our dream, out here, on our 46 acres just outside of city limits.

So making our tiny home on our land and simplifying shows the first fruits of that, and what is to come....

In the days and weeks to come, I'll get into the meat of this:
+Downsizing process
+Tiny home tour
+Day to day life in 288 square feet
+First steps to the farm
+WHY we farm
+What the first month of tiny living has taught us
....and more

Stay with me here & follow along as we embark on the adventure of a lifetime... sharing our vision + purpose for our family farm, tiny living, and beyond!


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