Tiny Beginnings

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Something had to be done.

Our plan financially with two incomes, overnight became a "dust in the wind," as our world as we knew it turned upside down. We needed a change financially. There we were, back to square one, waiting.

I was trying to ignore what happened with the miscarriage, then my job, and what I failed at..to lead to this point. 2016 was a low, low year. I felt... worthless. The plan for me to contribute as more than a housewife and mother - with a salary! - had fallen flat. Yet deep down, I had some amount of peace knowing that isn't where I was meant to be. Too big, too old, not ready, whatever I wanted to chalk it up to --- I was still scared. We don't know the future. We just don't.

Marshall has this habit, if you will, of searching Craigslist and similar sale sites for anything and everything. It's where we found Scruffy when she ran away, much of our furniture, Taylor's crib - practically brand new! He even found two canoes which used to be a part of a Boy Scout camp here in east Texas. (Those were actually stolen from our property - whomever it was, clearly knew that no one was living there at the time, and took multiple opportunities to trespass and fish in our pond). Which altogether leads to the next part of our story...

We needed a change. Altogether, but especially financially. Some way to move forward - to take a huge (or tiny - ha!) step in the right direction... We put our house on the market. (It still hasn't sold, we are so close to renting, but yes, it's been months at this point) And we declared "now or never" to move onto our property!

Enter Craigslist. Marshall found the perfect - tiny - solution to our fairly big problem.

We bought a tiny house!

Have you ever watched the show Tiny House Nation on HGTV and wondered, "I wish I could do something like that!" Well, we were pushed to our limits in 2016, and that limit proposed a somewhat wild solution, and we made that decision. We had to, we wanted to, we thought about it for years (that show!) and even dreamed about it... And here was our opportunity.

We loved our cabin from the moment we saw the photo of it. And it was solid. Really well built. Nice finishings... And did I mention small? We had some help to buy a 12x24, 288 sq ft tiny house. It took some time to get it to our land. And just how we wanted it. But I'll get to that part in a minute.

We have a dream of living on our land and starting an organic farm, selling high quality natural produce, here in Wood County. And this --- all of this that has happened in 2016 --- was our catalyst to get this dream even closer to fruition. We know the first step of this is to move onto our property, 46 acrea of east Texas paradise. And with the tiny house, we did.

Oh, but it took time - TIME - for power and water and moving the building... I mean months to get this straightened out, and done the right way, with whatever slim finances we had at the moment. But we did it. And we had help, and we did it.

We moved into a 12x24, 288 square foot house on our 46 acres. Wow, right?!

My word of the year... Contentment... This was a huge step toward finding out what that truly meant for me, for us.

Soon I'll share more about our move from 1600 square feet into 288 square feet and all that entailed, our plans for the land and farm (And believe me, there will be a few stories of downsizing, decisions, tiny home tour, etc!!) , but next I really need to get back to the storyline of what else happened in 2016, what I was aiming toward. Because in the midst of all of this figuring out, something - or rather someone new - happened...

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