first month (+ then some) of tiny living: lessons learned

Sunday, February 19, 2017

We have now been living tiny for a month + a half! Time sure flies. In all this time, we have made this tiny house a home, finished the fence in the pasture, completely reorganized the garage in preparation for a yard sale, and looked into ordering seeds! You know what that means!!! Yet this post is about tiny living.... So here are some things we have learned in our first month + then some of living in 288 square feet:

Much of the "stuff" we are getting rid of! Feels good! Except Scruffy!!

1. We had too much stuff (It was a chore to pack and move in our two cars and trailer.... Literally we were "moving" for months before we moved in!)

2. We don't use all the space we had, therefore we don't need it. Also, you don't need so much "space" in a home in order to have "personal space" ... personal space is rather, a state of mind. It all comes down to how you look at it. For tiny living, you must look at things with a "half glass full" mentality. And even if we did want more space... well, our backyard is 46 acres of space! If you were to live tiny, I'd suggest to do so on wheels or on a piece of land! One more thing on this: being intentional on your use of space is an absolute! More on that in a minute..

3. Not having a washer and dryer isn't the end of the world. We do laundry outside the old fashioned way, or go to a friends for a playdate + laundry day. 

4. A dishwasher, though, is a game-changer in tiny living!

5. We are much happier with less things. Less clutter. Less items. It's freeing! (If you don't believe me, try counting the number of individual items you own and tell me how that feels. Even the pens. It is incredible..)

6. Taylor has less toys and is much happier! The only ones you really need are blocks, legos, crayons, and books....Even the closet curtains! Ha! This creates less clutter too! 

7. Walk-in closets were extremely overwhelming... We don't even wear half the clothes we have now---in a fifth of the closet space we used to have. Again, we don't need that much to survive. A closet about the size of our shower is just perfect. I'm thinking of a capsule wardrobe next...

8. Less space inside intentionally means more time outside! Yes, this was thought about. We sit on 46 acres in a 288 square foot house, and we spend all our time outside anyway. We are really inside just for food, sleep, and when it's dark. And we don't mind one bit. Yes, again,, we wanted this! It was a bonus of having to find a cost-effective way to move on our land when the time deeded it last fall.

Now more general things....

9. Keeping a clean home is so important! Less clutter falls into this idea. This means more constant sweeping and although it takes less time than before, it makes a huge difference in your own peace of mind. More clutter or an unkempt tiny space makes for a grumbling living experience.. you know, more chaotic. Keep it simple. Trust me. (And yes, still learning this!)

10. Listen to your parents when they tell you to make your bed! Living in one open room that shares all functions of a home causes you to learn this lesson quickly. It makes a huge difference just in your own peace of mind. I'm finding myself more aware of these little things now.

11. Space is a luxury. Even just a few square feet make a major difference. We recently took the pack n play out to replace with Taylors actual crib, and in the process had to rearrange our dining table arrangement to best fit this... while it takes up more space, it sits under the window (yes, he's right next to us) and altogether just moves our table over a few feet. We still have a large open living area between the cube organizer and the closet. The space by the table, crib, and bed is just the bathroom area, and it's really a better use of that space which we don't spend much time in. Except, you know, for the bathroom, or to sleep. But in all this, we clearly know space is a luxury. And we love this new use of space!

12. Anything can be your home.. after all, home is where your people are. Not your things, but your people. Relationships are what last! Invest in your relationships. All that to stay... we live in a storage shed. Yep, that's right, our house was originally a 288 square foot storage shed. It's not even a third of the size of the average garage.. it couldn't even store everything we have in our garage! With that said, home is where you make it. It doesn't have to be fancy with all the finishings, it doesn't have to be a certain size or in a certain neighborhood, it simply has to best fit you + your people + your life. This little "shed" is our home.. our tiny home on our property. And that's just how we like it!

Side note: it took over a month of living here for the mailman to realize that we live in the "shed" rather than the old nasty house that sits next door! They were knocking on the door of that house to deliver a package... for 5 whole minutes.. before they thought to check the tiny home! Ha!

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