First Steps To The Farm

Saturday, February 25, 2017

So, what do we actually DO in starting a farm.. from scratch.. on a large chunk of land?! If you were curious in what actually needs to happen, well, this list is it! The first steps toward production... the first steps toward starting Newsom Natural Farm:

1. Cross fence the pasture to separate cows + crops

Done! The boys did this gradually over the last few weeks. Marshall worked on fences for the first few months once we moved back to Texas the other year, the season which Taylor was born. He knows all sorts of stuff about fences! The only issue we had was pulling the barbed wire on it too soon, before the posts set in the concrete. This has to be redone last weekend, but now we are good to go! Our family will be getting cows out here soon!

2. Order tractor parts needed + fix tractor

Happening this week! We know what is needed and just sold some furniture, which means Marshall will be ordering what's needed this week! We also have the manual for the tractor which is a huge help (I dug it out of the garage the other week). We are so grateful to our granny for the tractor she had on "the farm" that we inherited! And once its fixed, then the real work begins...

3. Mow the pasture

Once the tractor is fixed the mowing will commence! This will be a PROJECT! All this land needs to be mowed!!

4. Send a soil sample to the local Ag extension office to see which nutrients we need

This is actually something we can do anytime. The Ag office for the county is just in town (it sits in the county seat for EVERY county in Texas---254 counties in the state, to be exact---all to support local farmers and ag workers! Each county in each state has one too!). Once the report comes back we can add what we need to the soil for a productive crop. We are starting with sandy soil out here which is such a GOOD thing!

5. Order seeds!!!

We are gradually coming up with a plan on the seeds: how many, which produce and varieties, things like that. Think heirloom & unique! Once they are ordered, we will keep everyone in the loop! This little blurb explains a little more (generally) of what we plan on doing:

"We're a new family farm dedicated to providing East Texas with unique, locally grown produce through responsible, innovative, sustainable agriculture."

6. Get the land ready + PLANT!!!

Another PROJECT! After mowing we will need various implements on the tractor to till and break up the soil, add whichever nutrients, and get the rows ready for seeds! It is also raining a bit lately, which is good for this as well!

7. Utilize the well for watering!

We need to find an efficient way to utilize our well over the acreage of land we are starting on! There are actually 3 wells on our property, and we are planning on using one concrete well for this first season. Some sort of irrigation system will have to be implemented, and that is another project we are thinking on.

8. Support + Grow + Prepare for Markets!

Farmers Markets start up in April & May and the season runs through September & October. There are 6 quality markets out here (greater Tyler area) we have found and we will likely just go to 2 of them.. Those most local to us. We will be concentrating our efforts on Wood County.. That's still a lot of people to reach! Over 42,000 potential customers! We will be applying to the markets in the coming weeks! Also in this: business cards + a sign for our table are needed!



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  1. Wow, it seems like a lot of hard work but I'm sure it will be worth it. I look forward to reading how your farm develops!


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