Why We Are Starting A Natural Farm

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

When Marshall decided to get out of the Marine Corps earlier than initially planned the other year, the question was bound to come up: why? There really is a lot of security in the military, as in a steady predictable paycheck, a set contract, and benefits such as the discounts you can get nearly anywhere plus the healthcare, etc. It seems frivolous, sometimes, to choose to leave that security, and go somewhere to do something you never have before. Especially considering that we were entering the third trimester with Taylor at the time. "Why?" came up a lot. Why move cross country, less than three months before your baby is due, with land but no house, leaving the only job you've had, to choose a hard and severely underrated career path.... and something essentially unknown?

Because we wanted to. This is where we need to be. Remember I shared the story behind our land the other week? It is incredible everything that came just at the right time for exactly what we needed the past few years. Buying 40 acres in east Texas over 4 years ago, while we were living in another state with no immediate (yet eventual) plans to move back in no concrete time frame... That sounded like a risk to so many. But we were able to, and we did. We knew it was the right choice for our future. This land is our future, and our present. So we have this land to start a farm... Because we want to. Even with this explanation.... it's such a foreign concept to so many! (We hear that a lot)

It may be as simple as that. Because we want to. Marshall studied horticulture while at Texas A&M, and he just wanted to grow food. Even more than me, he is the kind of person that does well doing what he needs on his own terms... Meaning... Working for "the man" is never a long-term thing. Having our own business truly is. Being his own boss and doing things on his terms, growing food the way he sees best, while providing a need to our local community, is huge. I mean, it's a big deal, starting a business and owning a farm. We want to, we see the value in the land, we see the value and need for local produce in this area, and well... we want to work for ourselves in doing this (and one day, we will be there!)

We even want to eventually become, perhaps, a cornerstone in the community. Newsom Natural Farm will one day be our full time thing, a destination, where we can have seasonal festivals, a weekly shareholder program to pick up your own produce, maybe even being a catalyst to start another farmer's market right here in the county seat... Our name can be on Taylor's little league teams jerseys, and we can sponsor the local sports teams in their big games. Finding the right parcel of land decided the rest of our future for us - our home, our work, our livelihood. We want to be a part of the community in this farm, and that's just what we plan to do!

Why natural? I mean, what does the difference in all these labels actually mean? Well, I know this may be it's own blog post one day: natural, organic, conventional, etc. There are so many different terms we find on our produce at the store and the market that we don't exactly know a clear definition to. So I'll get to more detail on that another day soon. But for us, natural means back to the basics. This is where cows are important: their waste provides nutrients needed for growth... natural fertilization. It keeps it simple. Natural is a generic term that doesn't require certification like organic does. So it's true meaning can differ between various farms which use the term. By coming back to the basics, it means no or minimal chemicals, droppings as fertilization, and focusing on soil health, plant health, and nutrients needed. We will be looking for natural, sustainable ways to grow our crops, rather than looking first to the newest chemical sprayer on the agricultural market that will "easily" get the job done. There is a right, natural way to do it, and that's just what we plan on doing.

Also on this- in our area, the organic label isn't necessarily expected to be as big of a deal as if you were in Dallas. There is so much cost just to being USDA Certified Organic, that it wouldn't be worth it in certain areas. The further you get from the city, we feel that the happier the community will be to buy local, whether you pay for the label or not. We plan to be open about our process and what is in the produce you are eating - we have nothing to hide - so in that respect, paying for the label may not ever be in the cards for us.

We want to do this farm the right way, and the way that we are comfortable with. We want to become a part of the community and share the process of growing your own food and what that means. We also want to avoid the laws and government interference that can come when you use all sorts of chemicals and pesticides to regulate the crop..... Although more common in large-scale production farms. We just want to stick with the basics. This also means we are going to be particular in choosing seeds, I mean, this is where the crop starts! Seed selection and ordering seeds may even have a post all their own. This is something we are looking into right now & are very excited about! We will be looking specifically for specialty, heirloom variety seeds!

So... why are we starting a natural farm? It's simple. We want to.

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