Daily Life In 288 Square Feet

Saturday, March 18, 2017

When we first decided to get a tiny house, we were mostly focused on the cost aspect. Along with either selling or renting our house so the mortgage is taken care of, the tiny house will be a relief of an otherwise huge financial burden monthly - smaller payments means more that can be allotted to our property and farm. It was a means to an end, but we embraced it, because it was also a push into this long-winded "dream" we had of having less and living on our property. The biggest part of which, was to live on our property.
And to avoid redundancy in this part of the conversation, it just made sense for the point we were at in our lives. Last October, we needed to make a decision. We bought a tiny house, with help. And finally, months later at the new year, we moved in. It's been three months since we moved into our 288 square feet of love on our 46 acres. Before I've shared lessons we learned in the first month of tiny living... But now I want to share about daily life in 288 square feet. How do things work, in a 12x24 ft house... With a one and a half year old?! It's actually not as "bad" as you may think. In reality.... this small space is a huge blessing.
To start on the topic of daily life in a tiny home... Here is a rough list (not schedule, but simply a list) of everything we do during the week in this space:
  • Wake up + make breakfast
  • Play, read, clean
  • Do laundry in the tub
  • Go outside to play, clean property, and hang laundry
  • Nap time! During this I clean, read, write, take care of grown-up things like bills, etc
  • Snack time + play outside when Taylor is up again
  • Watch our shows or read + relax once Taylor is asleep for the night
  • Eat, eat, eat.
The weekend looks a little different: we spend the majority of it outside on the property. Sometimes we go to a local festival or market, sometimes we go out of town for the day to see family. But we keep it all pretty simple. And we like it like this. Right now, things are fairly slow.. But we know that will change soon, when we start really going with starting our farm.. We will be at markets on the weekends and planting, cultivating, or harvesting the produce on end during various seasons. So we are enjoying now, because we know life comes in seasons, and it won't always be this way.

But back to tiny living a bit. With a few pictures for reference (and a reminder of the Q+A tour I gave of our home the other month) here is how we have things situated...

Everything is pretty much one big 288 square foot room. It truly is, but it really isn't. And here's what I mean. You can tell that there are different spaces. For instance, the kitchen is against a wall. The closets are across from each other. Our beds are next to each other. And the bathroom area has the same curtain color for the whole length.

If that doesn't make any sense, hopefully this does: we have a space for everything. The entire house doesn't feel like our bedroom, because we have a comfy chair and a dining table to divide up the space. The entire house doesn't feel like a bathroom, because we have beige curtains over the whole area so it blends in to the walls. The entire house doesn't feel like a kitchen since it's along a 12 foot wall, and an island or pantry doesn't protrude into the rest of our space. And the entire house doesn't feel like our closet because we have patterned curtains and storage cubes to make it decorative and functional.

Daily life in a tiny home is pretty simple... which is in reality a huge blessing and comforting change of pace... and we like it that way. And, 288 square feet? It sure doesn't feel like it. It feels bigger, though I'm not sure how much bigger, come to think of it. There is corrugated metal on the curved ceiling, which makes the house (room) feel larger. I don't think of it as 288 square feet. Or if I do, I reference it as our 288 square feet of love!

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