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Thursday, July 12, 2018

I started blogging right before our first anniversary and honestly.... I never thought I'd stop. Yet we are coming up on seven years and I've been fairly absent from this blog for the past few of those years. Long story short... life is unpredictable, and never what we expect or imagine. Plus I've been trying to conjure up a way to redirect this blog towards something else, and I'm still figuring that out!
If you follow me on Instagram though, I've shared some of what's happened throughout the time I've been absent by pictures. I also write in a group on Facebook about natural solutions and the company I partner with. More on that soon - what I'm learning and sharing there will be a huge part of this site!
But for the most part, we've been figuring out life with a toddler and five month old, along with everything else that comes along with it. And honestly, I'm not even sure what to write currently. This post certainly isn't going the way I imagined it, as I thought about mustering up enough (courage? mental energy? creative capacity?) to get the blog started back up again...
Right now, there is SO much going on I don't even know where to start. But here's some bullet points of the current projects and dreams I'm working on personally, because even with the hiatus and silence, not all is lost, and there's always more to the story than you can see:
  • I wrote Travis' birth story the other month, so that will be shared here soon, along with general life updates and encouragement on a natural & fearless birth (yes, you read that right, and yes, he was born in January! Something else-a dream- I have to share on this topic too!)

  • I'm writing a book and have been in touch with a publisher - super encouraging, yet a process! More details to come on this front soon- the writing, topic, and process!

  • Currently writing about nontoxic skincare (read: key ingredients) in that group I mentioned -a lot more has been and will be covered - an entire post will be dedicated to that soon. Check this out in the meantime!

  • I've been journaling a lot more which is always helpful, for memory, clarity, among other things

  • The clarity I've been missing the past few years is starting to come back - Ill get into some of the obstacles soon which have been rooted in postnatal depletion, hormonal imbalance and nutritional deficiencies and gut health,  postpartum depression, inner voices and hurdles and life culminating in an unexpected way, as well as outside influences. By writing about this I hope to shed some light and encourage others - as well as to give myself peace of mind on the process and growth happening. This will likely turn in to a series of it's own on this blog

  • I've been looking into a few difference income streams at home with the boys (for a looooong time) and I think I'm right on the cusp of figuring out what will work best - I currently have an interview and some more writing to do on this front, plus some more investigating, so while the process has been severely slow it's encouraging to me to finally be able to feel like I can breathe again, and am even capable of...well, anything. (And this is where grace comes in - I've been so unbearably hard on myself I didn't even realize it with the chaos and well, real life is never what we picture or imagine, is it?)
So here we go.. on to our next chapter! Next I'll share more about that group, current opportunities, and the direction I see this blog headed, (natural, simple, etc) keeping these bullet points in mind. Writing there about what I've learned has kept me accountable and kept me going- because I know now, that if I'm not writing, then something's wrong. That has been very clear to me now as I look back on the past few years. Just keeping on writing!

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