natural & simple: a personal narrative

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Natural and simple: two words with big implications. The past few years have been a big learning curve. From having two babies, to losing more, to moving into a tiny home, losing and looking for jobs, starting businesses, taking time away, seeing our life with fresh eyes, writing toward a goal and talking to a publisher, looking for business opportunities in any place - teaching online, dog sitting, farmers markets, construction...

Beside the point. That's the new direction of this site - at least at this point in production. What do the words natural and simple truly look like when applied to a life in progress? That's what I'll discuss here - plus an opportunity that comes along with that notion.

It's an idea I've thought on and learned of greatly over the past few years especially. I think it was cemented more while I was pregnant with Travis throughout 2017 - with all the chaos that has been our life lately, it felt like the one thing I could control. Not pregnancy itself, but how I viewed everything surrounding pregnancy, birth, nutrition, listening to our bodies and what they are telling us. This all started with looking for a provider. It wasn't a nightmare, per se, but it was...strenuous. Not so much because I didn't "click" with anyone, but because I felt limited by other peoples' noted or perceived expectations and limitations on me, financial cost and endless insurance issues, as well as a lifelong medical condition that automatically deems me "high risk" despite it not having any effect in each of my experienced pregnancies and labors.

In fact... Travis who was born in January, well, I had him completely by myself under the watchful eye of my husband on the phone with 911, squatted facing backward in the front passenger seat of our car, parked in a Brookshire's parking lot. He wasn't going to wait any longer and was crowning - there is no stopping and limiting baby! I'll get to the full birth story later - but at least that gives an idea that, despite the medical terminology around how my various providers wanted to go about my birth and limit it (monitoring, testing, minimal movement, etc, because of policy, liability, and also my own condition) that ultimately had no effect. And in retrospect, his birth was the very definition of natural and simple, except, you know, for the car part! Maybe low-key is the way to put it... Ha! More on the details of his birth and how that ties into this new direction to come... Plus what that inspired for me, thinking on the future...

With this in mind, what does natural and simple mean to me? Essentially: back to the basics, the essentials. Keeping things as close to nature as God designed, and keeping things low-key, quiet, straight-forward. I've been very taken by a Minimalist Mom group I'm in, and if you read previous posts from last year, well, I sure was going the minimalist way with my writing: tiny living, steps to the farm, downsizing from 1600 to 288 square feet, purging material posessions, steps to live simple in your own life - such as "know your yes," and more. I really do want to get back into a lot of these notions, and I also want to move forward with looking back to nature as a guide in what we do, using the resources readily available which God gave us for healing and learning through life. This goes into red raspberry leaf capsules for labor, magnesium lotion for sleep, zinc oxide for sunscreen, shea butter for skincare, vitamin c for immune support, probiotics and prebiotics for gut health (your "second brain").... and so much more. I want to get into so much of this that I've learned over the past year and a half especially, and I'll share about a company I partner with which holds all of these solutions in one place.

One stop for all - that's simple. Plant based solutions - that's natural. This is going to be all about educating and learning about many areas, finding natural, simple solutions...Plus the lessons I've learned along the way, with personal narratives riddled throughout.

And are you wondering about the book I've hinted about, or how to go about a publisher and the process? Well- this will be a big part of it. I've written sparingly on it for the past few months because of the chaos and emotional and mental turmoil I've been through, but.... it's coming. I've only written maybe a quarter of it so far, and I need to regroup, and find what else I feel led to write on it, but it's coming along.

So things are kind of crazy for us: starting businesses, dreaming of future businesses, multipule interviews for new opportunities, writing for the business, the blog, the group, keeping up a house, raising two boys, plus everything else thrown at you in life - the unmet expectations, especially - well, yeah, I'm a mess. But that's okay. One day at a time.

Here we go...!

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