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Hello there! I'm glad you stumbled upon my little piece of the internet!

My name is Katherine and I blog here at Newsom Natural Living about...
+our family farm
+our tiny home
+transitioning out of military life
+daily life with a one year old
+faith and family and hope.... in the midst of loss

My stud of a husband is a Marine, and because of that we have called many places "home" these past 5+ years - Virginia, North Carolina, California, and now - we are back home in Texas....FOREVER!

I started this blog a few years ago to keep myself sane in the midst of our first military move and my not-so-bright temporary job outlook, all while transferring schools and getting used to a new schedule thanks to online learning.

Here's a little bit more in pictures:

We got engaged on a cloudy morning in the spring, on the beach (my favorite place), in Corpus Christi (the birthplace of Whataburger). To celebrate, we went to Whataburger - more than just a "fast food" chain! -  afterward and ordered some honey butter chicken biscuits! Seriously, we love their food!
We were married on 8.14.11 in Marshall's hometown
Oh, we're also both Aggies and met at a dance hall in Northgate, after the first full week of classes. We were inseparable from the beginning... Who knew that I'd meet my future husband at a bar, of all places?!
And last, because everyone loves a good love story...


  1. Just found your blog! I was born in Texas, and seriously whataburger is the best! Want to swap buttons? I just put yours up on my blog!

  2. Awh this is sweet! I just came across your blog! My man is military too! :) I'll be following along:)



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