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My favorites + reader favorites = one epic blog post list!
To get to know me a little better, why don't you check out these posts from the archives?


That Story I'm Sure I'll Be Embarrassed To Admit To Our Future Children: How We Met: Long title, fun story - we met at a club in a college town, the night after us Aggies won the first game of the season!

Our Love Story: So Far: To read of everything that happened after we met at Daisy Duke's which leads to where we are now... You don't want to miss this!

On This Day, One Year Ago...: Check out some wedding pictures I posted on our first anniversary in 2012!

Coast to Coast...Literally!: Check out this re-cap of our coast-to-coast move from North Carolina to California in February 2013...Where we lost a cat and a car, then days later got a new cat and car... And of course we stopped back in Texas on the way!

Ball Etiquette: Military Style: To read all about proper military ball etiquette, this is one post you will not want to miss! This covers matters such as the ceremony, conduct, camaraderie, attire, affordability, and family - areas which all milspouses need to be aware of for formal events!

Home of the Commandant of the Marine Corps Tour: The title says it all - prior to TBS graduation, us milspouses were given the wonderful opportunity to tour the Commandant's home, and Mrs. Amos and Mrs. Mills hosted!

"Caramels are only a fad. Chocolate is a permanent thing": This quote by Milton Hershey is explored as I re-cap a trip to Hershey Park, PA during our time on the east coast!

Favorite Reads of 2013: Check out what my favorite books read in 2013 were! Note: I somehow narrowed it down to only 15 out of more than 75!

A Gracious Whirlwind: We had quite a busy Christmas season this past year, so this re-cap post covers the basics - from SD milso bloggers, to paintings, to road-tripping back to Texas for a little, the fact that I read 10 books in December alone, and going to see my Aunt Jean and meet family at the NFR in Vegas!

SoCal: Year One: This past February marked one year of living in SoCal, so to celebrate I re-capped some of my favorite moments of our year in pictures!

"On Teaching": This short article by John Steinbeck shows just how great of an impact the right kind of teacher can have on a student- And something that I strive for every day in the classroom!

Notes From Room 56: One of the most inspirational elementary teachers and authors I have come across, I re-cap a visit to Rafe Esquith's award-winning classroom with the Hobart Shakespeareans in Los Angeles. This class is inspirational - yet so, so much more. And I was seriously like a giddy little school-girl meeting him and having the privilege to see his class in action! Fan-girl moments. I know I will be back!

"It All Started With A Mouse...": Re-cap in pictures of our jam-packed one-day trip to Disneyland here in Anaheim from this past January!

Top 10 Must-Have Smartphone Apps: To celebrate finally upgrading to a smartphone, I re-capped my favorite apps that I've recently found.

Nutella White Chocolate-Chip Brownie Bites: This 3-ingredient recipe is seriously the simplest, and most delicious dessert snack you will ever find!

Mississippi Mud Cake: The most hits for a single blog post here, this recipe from a Southern Living magazine is oh-so-simple and melt-in-your-mouth delicious! It is too good not to share!

Taking the Plunge!: Read all about what happened in order to get this fabulous new blog design you see here, why I upgraded to serious blogger status, and how much I love the work that Jane from Poppiness Designs does!

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