Visit our Facebook page to keep up on all things Newsom Natural Farm! My husband Marshall & I have some news to come soon... read what he has to say below:

Many of you may not know exactly what this whole Newsom Natural Farm thing is all about, so I'll explain what's going on here. Katherine and I are finally moving back to the great state of Texas this August, and we've decided to start a farm based on organic principles and catering to discerning purveyors of produce within our local area. We have 40 beautiful acres right outside of Quitman that we're going to attempt to grow a variety of delicious fruits, vegetables, and specialty heirloom crops on. We're still coming up with the exact mix of crops that we're going to produce, so if you have any awesome ideas for fruits or vegetables that you would love to see, but don't have the motivation to grow, let us know and we'll do the work for you! We'll be spending this fall developing a growing plan, putting in the infrastructure, and attempting to develop a customer base so that we can hit the ground running next Spring. Please continue to get our name out by sharing us with your friends, and keep coming back to get updates on what we're doing on this awesome agricultural experiment!
I'll be posting photos and little updates here and there on this page, but the majority will be via the Facebook page- so check us out there!


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